BALTIMORE. Md. (WJZ)– Police released surveillance video of a violent robbery inside a Laurel diner, where three robbers stormed the restaurant and attacked employees and customers.

Those three gunmen attacked a 74-year-old cashier earlier this month, now police want help identifying them.

In surveillance video obtained by WJZ, three gunmen burst through the door of the Tastee Diner wearing masks and within seconds, one smashes cashier Joe Fredholm repeatedly in the head.

“I still got the blood coming down. I got one big real lump,” said Fredholm.

Another gunman pulls the cook out of the kitchen and tries to get him to unlock the office door, but he didn’t have a key.

After taking cash from the register and customers, the three gunmen flee.

Fredholm called 911 saying, “we’ve just been robbed. Three guys. Masks, just left.”

Fredholm says the gunmen made frightening threats. He said, “I ought to kill you” and I said “you still won’t get no money that way.”

Just moments after the robbery, the suspects had another violent encounter along the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

While trying to get away, they crashed their car into six other vehicles.

The three men then got out and started firing at other drivers.

“I start putting my car to the side and I start hearing gunshots at least three or four gunshots,” said one driver who saw the incident.

They then carjacked a driver and sped away.

“We are actively working on leads in order to bring the suspects in,” said Detective Kezzi Henderson with Laurel Police, who worries the bold suspects could strike again. “We’re very concerned. That’s why we’re really working hard with the evidence that we have.”

Now he hopes this surveillance video provides clues that lead to their capture.

The gunmen only got away with a few hundred dollars. Laurel police say they following up on a several leads in this case.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    This happened on the 11th and you are just reporting it now??? Anyone who might have seen something that night has probably forgotten it by now. The police report states $140 was stolen- that is not a “few hundred dollars”.

    Way to go JZ!

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