BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Giants kicker Josh Brown recently admitted he abused his ex-wife and the NFL suspended Brown for just one game, a rather low number given the looming allegations. Police documents show Brown admitted to abusing his wife and Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith didn’t appreciate the news.

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Smith, whose mother was a survivor of domestic violence, was outraged and blasted Brown on Twitter for his actions and the NFL for not suspending him for a longer period of time and continued to say the NFL “system is broken.”

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Smith “apologized” for the outburst on social media but continued to say:

“I will admit my response was a bit extreme for that I apologize. The point I was trying to make things have to change! A Man should NEVER Hit a woman which means he isn’t A REAL MAN. We have valued the amount of air in a ball but yet devalued when a person or persons have been harmed and fail to put forth necessary actions or energy and time in which far less important things have taken precedent!

There has been players with far lesser offensives some have been banned, cut on the spot. But this person had behavior patterns behind closed doors unknown to everyone [thinking emoji] while swift and harsh action handed down to many other players without half the details or amount of time.

Our system is broken the NFL needs to stop acting like they care and start Showing people they mean what they Say!!!

I will continue to speak for the voiceless and for my mother who is a Survivor [of] domestic violence.”

The Giants reacted to the news and public outcry for justice by not giving Brown a flight to London for Sunday’s game against the Rams. The NFL also announced that it will be re-opening its investigation into Brown in light of the developments. You can read more here. 

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