BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The owner of the BP gas station across from Northwood Plaza, yards from the Morgan State University’s business school, says crime has spiked.

Two non-fatal shootings at the gas station in Northeast Baltimore has police looking at pad lock laws that would temporarily shut down the business. Just like a BP at the corner of Winsor Mill Road and Forest Park Avenue, which has since reopened.

“Because two young people were shot within a matter of days at this location and that is indicative of problems associated with the business and right now that is something we are following up on,” said Baltimore Police Spokesman T. J. Smith.

Kashif Kahn’s family has owned and run the Havenwood Road gas station for 16 years. And while he says there have always been isolated incidents, the past year the family has noticed an increase.

“I think with this recent incident we’re working together to maybe have more foot patrol. We’re also going to be considering some private security here, which can maybe can provide heightened security or safety for our patrons and our employees here, and the community,” said Kahn.

Murders happening within a mile of Morgan State university is happening more frequently. Back in September, Morgan student Marcus Edwards was fatally stabbed near his off campus apartment.

In February, 20-year-old student, Gerald Williams was also fatally stabbed at an off campus housing complex near the university. And in 2008, former city council member Ken Harris was shot and killed outside of a jazz club.

“We have a lot going on as it relates to safety escorts, we are developing a ride share program so we can try to have our students are safe wherever they are out in baltimore city. So, we’re putting a lot of resources towards this,” said Adrian Wiggins, executive director of campus and public safety at Morgan State.

“I still go to the gas station pretty frequently. You just have to be aware of your surroundings and keep you eyes open and you should be fine,” said student Isaac Hudson.

Students say with the increased presence of security, they feel safe. City police spokesperson says the pad lock law is the last resort, but if they have to use it, they will.

If you have any information on the recent shootings at the Northeast Baltimore gas station, call metro crime stoppers at 1-866- 7 lockup.

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  1. JoeyG says:

    Black Lives Matter should lend their power and resources to this community to help protect the citizens it serves. Hahahahahahhahahaha…. It will never happen. The only people to blame here are their OWN kind. And we know that if the White man cannot be blamed, held accountable or sued for it, BLM is nowhere to be found. Such a shame to live in fear of your OWN people.

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