This week’s edition of the Norris & Long Show best of includes interviews with Ralph Russo of the Associated Press on the College Football Playoff Rankings, and Ryan Mink of the Baltimore Ravens website on the win over Pittsburgh and the game ahead against the Browns.


Ralph started by talking about the Arkansas Razorbacks and their win over Florida saying “well listen Florida has no offense, they’re a one sided team that hasn’t really beaten anyone…it seems like their offense is so bad that eventually their defense gives up.”

When asked about whether or not there are any dark horse teams that could make their way into the playoff rankings Ralph said “we have pretty well established who the best maybe 6,7 or 8 teams in the country are…unlike in past years I don’t think any of them can we have a pretty strong core of unbeaten teams.”


Ryan started by talking about the though many Ravens fans are having that this match-up with the Browns on Thursday night could be a trap game for the Ravens saying “I don’t think it is similar at all, I thought it was funny and true what Steve Smith and Eric Weddle said yesterday how is this a let down game? We haven’t done anything or won anything we’re 4-4.”

When asked about young corner Tavon Young and what he has seen from the rookie Ryan said “Tavon Young has kind of solidified that number two corner spot for now…this is a 4th round pick who is as tall as I am playing corner on the outside, he reminds me of Lardarius Webb when he came into the league.”


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