Mike Preston writes a column and covers the Ravens for the Baltimore Sun.

Mike and the Monday Morning Quarterback crew give out the grades to the Ravens positional units in a 28-7 win over the Browns.

Mike started by grading the performance of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco saying “Flacco looked lost in the first half. He under threw an open Kamar Aiken on a long pass and threw an interception minutes later…he heated up in the third quarter.” The offensive line received a grade of C and the running backs picked up a grade of C+. The Wide receivers were given a grade of B with Mike saying “Mike Wallace and Steve Smith along with Aiken worked the middle of the field fairly well, showing the Ravens team speed in the second half.”

When it came time to grade the defense Mike started with the defensive line giving them a grade of A- saying “the Ravens shut down Cleveland’s running game and cut off most of the Browns’ cut back runs.” The linebackers received a grade of B+ and the secondary picked up a grade of B with Mike saying “safety Eric Weddle is strong in run support and playing inside the box…rookie cornerback Tavon Young is aggressive and physical.”

Finally Mike gave out grades to the special teams they received a B, while the coaching staff picked up a C+.

  1. “Showing team speed”, interesting when all we hear is that this team is slow.

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