BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We’re one day away from the Army-Navy game kick-off. On Friday, the rivals met for an annual competition before battling it out on the field.

Tracey Leong caught the pre-game excitement at the Inner Harbor.

The Patriot game competition gives teams the opportunity to size each other up, and pump up fans for one of the biggest college football rivalries in America.

An impressive display of strength, as Army Cadets and Navy Midshipmen sweat it out at the Inner Harbor before they meet on the field for game day.

“We put 100% into every exercise and it’s good when you win a few in a row,” said Eric Zenger, Cadet Team Captain.

The army dominating in the Patriot game, but Navy appearing unfazed by this defeat, keeping their eyes set on the bigger prize.

“Doesn’t have a direct correlation with the outcome of the game,” said Nathan Howard, Midshipman 3rd Class,

The midshipmen hoping to take their winning streak to 15, while Cadets are confident they can end it.

“It epitomizes true character of the American spirit,” said Zenger.

“It’s one of the best feelings in a row to have the American people behind you with this amount of support

The inter-service rivalry showcasing America’s talent, and no matter the game day outcome, the fighting ends once they step off the field.

“We’re rivals now, but we know we are service men and women of the country and while we are enemies on the fields, we’ll be brothers in arms,” said Zenger.

“Every other game we are one unit, and we’re working around the clock trying to solve the problems of the world,” said Howard.

And on game day, visitors will have an opportunity to explore both the Army and Navy ships for free while they’re docked here at the inner Harbor.

The game will be airing at noon, Saturday December 12, on WJZ.


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