BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Just days before Donald Trump heads to Baltimore, the City Council has taken action against the new leader. The council unanimously voted to condemn the president-elect’s rhetoric, but that could be a big risk.

The same day they were sworn in, the new City Council sparks controversy. Their first official act — unanimously condemning the rhetoric of President-Elect Donald Trump.

“I’m very proud that we’re one of the very first city councils in the United States of America to push back and say time for respect,” said City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

The move comes just days before the president-elect visits Baltimore for the Army-Navy football game.

“It’s a purely symbolic gesture. A way to take a stand,” said political expert Matthew Crenson.

But Crenson says it could be a risk, given the amount of federal funding Baltimore relies on.

“In fields of housing, welfare — a whole range of public policies — Baltimore is very dependent on federal funds, and it’s not clear how the city would get by if they suddenly disappeared,” Crenson said.

It doesn’t fall in line with Mayor Catherine Pugh, who tells WJZ she wants to work with the White House.

“When you hear Donald Trump talking, he talks about infrastructure that needs to be fixed in cities and urban environments. I welcome him to come to Baltimore,” Mayor Pugh said.

But — with the new council resolution?

“It does greatly threaten to complicate her efforts to get the federal government under President Trump to funnel money to Baltimore,” Crenson said.

The president-elect has not responded to the council’s rebuke.

San Francisco passed a similar resolution condemning Trump’s actions.

Governor Larry Hogan refused to support Donald Trump during the election.

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  1. when Balmer was mostly white there was very little crime. Can’t blame Trump for that, can you?

  2. Virtue signalling by Council members which may cost the city millions of dollars. “The citizens be d**ned, our Liberal politics are more important”.

  3. Well gov employees with no experience telling a man who got 65Million votes and has worked everyday since Nov 8 to put a cabinet together that can help run this country right by the constitution Did u know HRC got her sos job by a ret gov woman tricking Obama to come to her house and put them both in a closed room She had job shortly there after There is a Pres who could have used yall s sage advice Obama was worst pres ever Do u believe bias media? I trust Pres Trump with my life You idiots don’t see the blessing we have for next 4 yrs Wake up I rebuke you

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