ANNAPOLIS, Md (WJZ) — The Army-Navy rivalry dates back 117 years. Even splitting families come game day. Several Navy Midshipmen share the same last name as their opponents.

“Both parents went to West Point and come from family of Army officers,” said Emily Lamphere, Midshipman, 3rd Class.

“Both my older brothers went to West Point,” said Helen Robertson, Midshipmen, 1st Class.

‘Both parents are West Point grads, and my grandfather on my dad’s side is also a West Point grad,” said Kip Ehrenberg, Midshipmen 3rd class.

It’s a rivalry that divides families.

“I know we’re going to win so I send my dad an email “Still love you, but maybe next year,” said James Kidd, Midshipmen 2nd Class.

“Rivalry trash talk for sure,” said Helen Robertson, Midshipmen 1st class.

And win or lose, it’s all in good fun. They’re both America’s teams.

“At the end of the day we all won cause we are all serving our country,” said Lamphere.

“It’s one big happy family it really is so I love that everyone is approachable,” Ehrenberg.

WJZ will be catching up with some of those Midshipmen parents at the game on Saturday, to get their take on this family rivalry.


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