By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Disturbing new video obtained by WJZ shows an attack on an MTA bus driver in downtown Baltimore. It happened earlier this year, but that bus driver is still going through what she calls a nightmare.

MTA bus cameras captured veteran driver Karen Alexander getting beaten by a passenger from multiple angles.

It happened April 30 in downtown Baltimore. Alexander asked WJZ not to show her face now because of her attacker.

“I know that one day I’m going back to drive the bus. I don’t want her to have this picture of Karen in her mind,” Alexander said.

She says it started because the passenger was mad, claiming Alexander hadn’t stopped for her previously. She lunged at the driver.

“When the young lady stepped on the bus, I had no idea that she was going to assault me,” Alexander said.

It turned out of control. Alexander was caught in her seat belt. She then got thrown to the floor.

“She just started banging me in my face and banging me in my head,” Alexander recalled. “You can see clearly that I was assaulted. And because of that assault, it has changed my life.”

She’s not been able to return to work full-time and is trying to get what’s called assault pay from the MTA to make up for her reduced wages.

“Right now, I’m going through hardship,” said Alexander. “I need the MTA’s help.”

She says the case against the passenger is still winding its way through the courts. And while she wants to return to work, medications she takes for the pain mean she can’t.

“Very terrifying. Driving that big piece of equipment is dangerous enough alone… And for somebody to fight you behind the wheel, it’s like a nightmare,” Alexander said.

Alexander has worked for the MTA for 16 years.

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