Mike Preston covers the Ravens and writes a column for the Baltimore Sun sports section.

The Monday Morning Quarterback crew of Ed Norris, Rob Long, and Bruce Laird review Mike Preston’s Report Card in the Ravens loss to the Steelers.

Mike started by grading quarterback Joe Flacco and how he performed giving him a grade of B- saying “Joe Flacco started out slow, and he was poor in the first half…but he became more comfortable in the second half and started to get into rhythm.” The Offensive line received a grade of B- and the running backs picked up a grade of B. Ravens receivers were given a C with Mike saying “Smith had a good game for the Ravens, with 7 catches for 79 yards…but there were times when Flacco and other receivers had poor timing.”

When it was time to grade the defense Mike gave the defensive line a grade of D saying “this group has disappointed the past three games.” The linebackers were given a grade of C- with Mike saying “the Ravens were pounded early in the first quarter by Pittsburgh’s running game, but they controlled the tempo for the next two periods.” The secondary was given a C with Mike saying “the Ravens played well for three quarters but were confused as to how to stop the Steelers no huddle offense in the fourth quarter.”

Finally Mike graded the special teams giving them a B+ and the coaching staff received a grade of B.


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