By Mike Hellgren

Baltimore (WJZ) – It’s been two weeks since President Donald Trump took office, and the country remains divided among partisan lines. The president’s actions have stirred passionate debate across Maryland, and the nation.

According to a new CBS News Poll, a majority of Republicans approve of President Trump and his recent executive orders while Democrats decisively disapprove.

Protestors filled BWI Marshall Airport last weekend after the president announced an executive order temporarily restricting entry for immigrants from seven countries that are majority Muslim.

The poll sampled 1,019 adults from across the political spectrum and found 45 percent of Americans approve, and 51 percent disapprove of the travel ban.

Doctor Mileah Kromer heads Goucher’s Field Politics Center.

“Despite some of the demonstrations, people are really divided on this issue of immigration and refugees,” says Dr. Kromer.

Our poll found strong party divisions with 85 percent of Republicans approving, and 85 percent of Democrats disapproving of the executive order. And 36 percent believe it will make America more dangerous, angering people worldwide.

“It’s a recruitment tool for terrorist organizations and puts Americans traveling abroad at risk. I think the numbers will get even more lopsided against what the president is trying to do,” says Senator Ben Cardin (D).

Yet, 36 percent believe it will make America safer and prevent unwanted people from entering the country.

“The vast majority of Muslim countries, of course, don’t come under this temporary halt of immigration for those countries,” says Maryland Rep. Andy Harris (R).

The polls also showed more than seven-in-ten Americans do not believe there should be a ban on all Muslims entering the United States.

On the president’s refugee ban, 45 percent approve and 51 percent disapprove and 35 percent believe the ban reflects the founding U.S. principles, and 51 percent believe it’s against them.

“We’ve been polling and asking questions about immigration issues in the united states, and this has always been a really divisive issue among American, so it’s not surprising that we see this come out,” says Dr. Kromer.

Meanwhile, more Americans think the Senate should vote to confirm his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch than vote against him.

President Trump’s approval rating is the lowest of any president just after his first inauguration since the Gallup Poll began taking those measures back in 1953. Only 40% of Americans approve while 48% disapprove of the job he is doing in office.

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