BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The CEO of Baltimore based Under Armour says President Donald Trump is good for business.

But some have jumped on social media to criticize his comments.

George Solis has Kevin Plank’s response.

The name Kevin Plank has been all over social media for the past 24 hours.

“He’s highly passionate. To have such a pro-business president is something that’s a real asset to this country,” says Plank on Trump.

Tuesday, Plank appeared on CNBC talking about President Trump.

Just two weeks after he and other business leaders met with Mr. Trump at the White House to talk about creating more manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Plank brought Under Armour to Baltimore and turned the sportswear apparel company into a worldwide brand.

“I’m a big fan of people that operate in the world of publish and iterate versus you know think, think, think, think,” Plank said.

But it’s his comments praising the president that triggered reaction on social media.

A number of people vowed to boycott the company.

Under Armour fired back against the criticism issuing a statement which says in part “We engage in policy, not politics.”

The statement released Wednesday also goes on to say the company advocates for fair trade and an inclusive immigration policy that welcomes the “best and brightest.”

One political analyst told WJZ he doesn’t believe Plank’s words will work against him or the company.

“I think there’s very little damage to be done to a person who’s involved with Donald Trump, stating that we had to much “think, think, think” and inaction I think that’s a position he can take with some impunity” says political professor Richard Vatz.

In the same CNBC interview plank took note there are some things he doesn’t fully see eye to eye on with the new administration.

“There’s a lot of voices out there. There’s a lot of things; issues that are coming up that are very serious and very deep there not quite a simple as going to be solved in just a day or two or one piece of legislation,” says Plank.

One of the things Plank said would hurt Under Armour is a heavier tax goods that come into the country.

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Comments (86)
  1. Joe Yeti says:

    Trump is proving to be GREAT for businesses, they are right.

  2. The malcontent far left is upset about something and it makes headlines. So tolerant and inclusive these lefties are.

  3. As soon as the dummies (aka Starbucks, Costco, Hollywood, and the like) supporting the left figure out it is useful idiots who do not have the resources to purchase much of anything, they too will come out in support of freedom, free enterprise, and Trump.

  4. Roger HK says:

    Plank is willing to say what a lot of people are thinking. I’ll buy his brand.

    1. Elisi Newell says:

      If you buy from Plank you aren’t supporting Trump’s buy in America policy. Kevin Planks products are made everywhere except the USA. I thought it was America first? You are traitor to your own DT. But of course looking at the election logically; it was only the stupid and the rich electoral college that PUT him in office, he WAS NOT elected by the majority voters as it should be in a ethical election. So it makes sense that the ignorant keep following the lemming off the cliff. We have the most IGNORANT government in HISTORY and happen to be the BIGGEST laughing stock off the world.

      1. Gordon Weis says:

        You seem to be showing your ignorance by not understanding that we don’t elect by majority vote, we elect a president using the Electoral College and have for about the last 200 years.

        In addition, take CA and NY votes out and Hillary didn’t win the popular vote.

      2. I am so tired of this popular vote diatribe. Trump won the popular vote in 31 states, furthermore out of the approximately 3100 counties in America Hillary won the popular vote in less than 500 counties, compared to President Trumps more than 2600, now that is a mandate. Of course this is all irrelevant because we do not pick our Presidents by popular vote. Our Presidents are voted in by electoral votes and have been for over 200 years so the entire country has a say in who is President not just two over crowded states. President Trump won the electoral vote 306 to 232. Typical left wingers, we lost so now we want to change the rules.

      3. This nation was and has been a representative republic since its founding and never has elected the president by popular vote…..your ignorance must be a result of the poor and failing public education system in the country run by Democrats and liberals for the last 50 years. Please try and inform yourself if you are to contribute in a rational and meaningful way on this topic….you clearly are ill prepared to help in making our nation a better country in which to live.

      4. Mark Emsley says:

        Morning Elisi. Most people understand that not everything will be made in America, but that we will try to put out policies that do encourage capitalist growth in America and improve our economy for everyone. Mr. Obama who was elected by the electoral college did not do this. Trump will. Obama did not like America. Trump loves America. I love America.

      5. CM Ross says:

        I’m guessing no one has ever accused you of being the sharpest bulb in the drawer, huh.

      6. David Wong says:

        “…it was only the stupid and the rich electoral college that PUT him in office…” Can you show proof that the electors who make up the electoral college are all wealthy? I personally know several of the electors and none of them are in the 1% group. They are hard working individuals like the majority of voters.

      7. David Melton says:

        As opposed to allowing the west coast, the east coast and Chicago elect the President? No thanks.

      8. If you include the 3 – 5 million+ illegal immigrants that voted for Hillary, then I would agree with you about the popular vote. So, in all likelihood, Trump actually WON the popular vote among legal American Citizens.

      9. News Flash… The United States is not a Democracy. We are a Representative Republic, thanks to the brilliance of our Founding Fathers. Otherwise the Idiots in NYC & CA would run the country.

      10. Stan Olson says:

        I’ll post it again; 61% of college educated White men voted for Trump and 49% of college educated White women voted for Trump. I think that blows a hole in your trailer trash theory.

      11. Elisi,Get over it already!!! So you want to change the electoral college? Then apply yourself, get 35 states to agree to change the constitution…and viola!!! You now have rule by mobs. Good luck living safely in that alternative universe.

      12. FYI, President Lincoln was also elected by the electoral college, not popular vote. One of our most beloved Presidents. Maybe it is your ignorance at work here.

  5. Kevin Plank is a very smart man.

  6. Ray Hock says:

    Now I’m buying UnderArmour.

  7. John Dendy says:

    Those fools threatening to boycott are idiots. I doubt if many of them at Under Armor since they don’t use lace.

  8. As long as these CEOs realize our President is for our entire country’s interests which business is an important aspect, he is correct, but the importation of cheap labor be it those that harvest crops or those that are highly skilled that the tech companies need the American Citizen is to come first.

    For too long American’s that went into heavy debt to get the background to be qualified to do high tech engineering work have been ignored because some foreigner can work for less, causing American students to train for something else leaving thousands out of high tech industries weakening our future ability to compete.

  9. We are revolting against our Democrat/Socialist over-lords. And it feels good.

    Globalist heads are exploding all over the world, including Obama and HRC.

    REAL Americans took our country back from the global elite. My healthcare is too expensive ($900/month for my family). Time to step away from socialist rule and let capitalism work. My car insurance is just $25 per month (from Insurance Panda) and my internet is just $30/month from RNC. Let the free market handle health insurance!

    8 years of lies and even more of Liberal corruption made Trump possible. Thank God we will have some real leadership in office for the next 8 years.

    It’s time to forget about Obama and the catastrophe he was.

  10. Let the market decide. I purchased Under Armour sometimes, but now I will seek it out and buy.

  11. John Smith says:

    Look how the boycott of Target worked for the right.10 Billion loss in stock value in a rising market.Reverse works also as we buy things the left says they are boycotting.

  12. Democrat are intolerant, dogmatic, hypocritical, vengeful, arrogant, and often violent.

    1. Boy, no “Likes” for you after that comment!!!

    2. Kevin is correct. I’m a professional photographer in Texas and my business (commercial and portrait) has increased by at least 50% after the election. And NO, I’m not talking about the Christmas rush in there. Our sales have increased a lot. Now it’s time for tax cuts and you’ll see business prosper even more.

  13. Bill Loyal says:

    Its called WINNING dear leftists.. whine all you want.. the more you whine the more we win. Go to your safe spaces with your little Poke-a-hot-mess Warren freak show types, and leave us alone.

  14. I doubt they will be boycotting them today, especially if they are working outside.

  15. Chris Havens says:

    I do not purchase under armor it is to expensive.
    However, a CEO with some goadnal fortitude, and the spirit of America.
    I will now dig deeper and purchase Under Armor products

    1. Phil Davison says:

      Sorry misspelled that BUYCOTT !

  16. Paul King says:

    I’m sorry. What is controversial about saying a president is good for business? Those opposed are sad.

  17. Brian Punter says:

    Liberals need Underarmour underwear since these crybaby snowflakes lose bowel control when the name Trump is heard… that and a box of tissue have become SJW preferred equipment!

  18. I’m going to buy UA apparel from now on!!!!

  19. Dan Kiniry says:

    UA CEO is 100% right. I’m doubling down on my UA gear TODAY!!!!!!

  20. Trump is good for business. If that statement causes anxieties then you are out of your mind. See a doctor, get help.

  21. Jon Huinker says:

    Bravo for Under Armor. Their business will grow. Lame libs will lose as usual.

  22. “One of the things Plank said would hurt Under Armour is a heavier tax goods that come into the country.”

    Can you explain this sentence… makes no sense.

    Love the brand.

    1. most of their products are made overseas. The only thing made here are custom orders…college and professional uniforms mostly

    2. Not to difficult to understand but I’ll help if I can.

      Most of the products Under Armor sells are produced overseas. The CEO of Under Armor know this and knows that those products are now going to be taxed as imported material that formerly has not been taxed. The process is known as Import Tariff. Taxes levied on imported items that negatively compete with products in the US because their manufacturing processes are cheaper and to date have not been subject to Import Tariff taxes. It’s the balance of trade issue you may have been hearing about for decades. What the tariff is designed to do is to level the playing field by raising the cost of overseas manufacturing so that our domestic manufacturing businesses can compete on a more level playing field and thus provide jobs to our own citizenry than exporting those jobs to overseas manufacturers who pay their employees less, do not have laws that guarantee those employees safe working conditions and who, up to now was relatively immune from competition as US manufacturer’s had under all of those conditions and the foreign off shore manufacturer could supply those goods at a substantially lower price.

      What is interesting about this is the CEO’s comment that it was good for business, which it is.

      First of all it stimulates fair trade practices which is good for everyone. Overseas manufacturers of product, to avoid high tariff, increase the benefits of their employees with regards to pay, safety and working conditions.

      Next it provides competitive jobs here in the US for the benefit of our own people.

      In each area, overseas or her in the US more pay in the worker’s pockets elevates their living conditions AND the expenditure of that additional money stimulates their local economies whereby ancillary jobs to support the lives of the manufacturing employees are created. Few people understand that the automobile worker, for example, supports more than just himself and family with his money. No, when that money is spent it supports the livelihood of the grocery store clerk, barber or hair dresser and even the trash collector, doctor, teacher and others. Our economics is not an island of individuals garnering money to themselves but a large living thing that effects the lives of everyone.

      When manufacturing facilities in the US close and lay off their workers it has a devastating ripple effect on the non-manufacturing jobs that have been supplying support to those manufacturing employees who lost their jobs and that money no longer flows into the local economy.

      This is what Tariff is all about and why the CEO of Under Armor is OK with. It’s good for business, stimulates competition and the result is good for the rest of us as we get better goods at lower prices and give the rewards of jobs to our own people to sustain themselves with and increases working conditions for the foreign manufacturing worker that does not have the same amount of protection.

      Think of it this way. Without tariff on overseas goods to level the playing field, our manufacturing has eliminated or severely atrophied US jobs and exported those jobs overseas where tariff has not been applied and who can produce products at a lower cost than if they were produced in the US. Today its sort of like elementary students playing football against a college varsity football team. What tariff allows is for those elementary students to compete with other elementary students when playing football instead of competing with College students that can easily defeat them because of the inequality of the competition.

      Hopefully this long winded answer to your question makes sense. I didn’t see any answers to your question so at least I tried.

  23. GOOD FOR UA FOR SHOOTING BACK. I will further support the company. I am tired of 1% of the population engaging in terrorist-like activities to silence the rest of us.

  24. What we need is a Zero Tolerance policy for the SJW and their tactics. Anytime they raise their head and start to harass a company or organization the response should be” go to hell. All is needed is some push back and this insane bullying by a small vocal minority will stop. Or better yet they will turn on each other.

  25. Doug Lamers says:

    UA has the best products on the market. I would gladly pay double for UA compression shorts, sweats, shirts, and other running gear as opposed to the garbage Nike and Reebok put out.

  26. Good for him and may more businesses follow suit. As November election confirmed, Americans are tired of the politically correct social justice bullies. I’ll be buying Under Armour!

  27. Love the calls for a UA boycott from the lefty snowflakes…most of whom live in mommy’s basement and don’t have 2 nickles to rub together…

  28. The left has become unhinged! But I’m happy to see them expose themselves for the hypocrites they are, go ahead and throw your hissy fit for everyone to see!
    They are overplaying the hand, which is great, they are looking like spoiled little brats! Look at the list of store and products they want everyone to boycott at “”. The more the act out, the more the “protest”, the more the riot, the more the country will get turned off by their nonsense!!! Lets see if they put Underarmor on their boycott list, that would be amusing, but I think they are to stared, Underarmor is to powerful to tackle, the probably ignore and pretend they don’t know about it’s support for a pro-business atmosphere!

  29. Bob Lee says:

    “We engage in policy, not politics.”

    Good advice for sports, other corporations, Hollyweird and the education system!

  30. for everyone who boycotts there will be 4 who will support

  31. GET ILLEGALS OUT! They are all criminals for breaking US immigration law with intent! If they used any services they should be charged with “theft of service”. When you see a suspected Illegal call ICE; Call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE or 1-866-347-2423. Call them and get them OUT!

  32. Under Armor sells to people that have money and a job, which leaves most of the leftist snowflakes left out of the economic equation anyway…

  33. Jeff Sharp says:

    You Go Under Armor, cupcakes and snowflake need to move out of mommies and be productive in our Society only wage they earn now is from the anarchist Soros. Just bought $150 worth of Under Armour gear and will continue as needed

  34. Ford Hanson says:

    I love under armour and now I will feel even better about buying more of it!

  35. Waiting to see how many athletes decide to drop their paid endorements in protest.

  36. Just placed an order for $100 worth of new Under Armour gear, including an awesome shirt featuring the good ole red, white and blue!

  37. Good for UA. Having KeeHoNees is great and I will be buying more UA gear and less of the PC worshiping brands!

  38. hitrestart1 says:

    Trump is keeping his campaign promises of Making America Great Again and the anti-American left can’t stand it. As America rises from the dung-heap Obamao reduced it to, more snowflake meltdowns to ensue.

  39. Con Nod says:

    Another retailer that I will support and defend. And promote their brand.

  40. Ty Roark says:

    Think about it they sell rugged outdoor sports wear, so all the snowflakes will not be wearing UA at the starbucks? Wow what a loss.

  41. Neuro Mancer says:

    Not sure if I’ve ever bought under armor products or not, but now I’m going to start.

  42. Good for him. Finally a smart businessman. He realizes that most of the 62 million people that voted for Trump actually work or want to work. Much smarter move to be on the side of paying customers than the side that has the most welfare recipients, illegal aliens, and young adults living in their parents basement. I’m going out today to buy some Under Armor.

  43. Lala Dee says:

    I am sick and tired of these left wing nutts trying to shut down free speech of a CEO who knows best for his business Trump is the best for businesses period. And no professor who never ran a business can tell him any differ! People needs to continue to speak out for Trump because we need to defend our president if he is making the best decisions for our country and citizens. Fake organized george soros Protestors need to go to jail for disrupting the peace!

  44. 2+ typos in here… c’mon CBS, at least make an effort.

  45. Doug Walker says:

    SJW’s suck. That’s really all that needs to be said, over and over again: SJW’s suck.

  46. voodoodaddy1 says:

    Never bought Under Armour before. Going to get some in about an hour though!


  48. The boycotts, which pretend to be groundswells, are funded and organized by the world’s #1 globalist/currency manipulator/totalitarian/communist, George Soros, the same evil little man who funds the riots, which the media portrays as “protests.”

  49. Dan Birchak says:

    He’s right that a territorial tax would hurt his US business in the short term, but it would put the country on an even par with what the rest of the world does. In the long term, it will force him to create the plant in the US in order to hire American workers that will make the goods here, thus avoiding the tax of bringing goods into the country.

    Will it raise prices for the consumer? A bit which means that the newly hired American worker must remain the most productive in the world and restore the quality that a Made in the USA label used to represent. Combined with the stronger dollar and lower tax rate that the US worker will be getting, this will hopefully end up about a wash in cost but with higher quality goods and a positive feeling that more of those adult part timers and out-of-work American youth are finally working again and feeling just a bit of ‘the dream’.

  50. I suspect that UnderArmour isn’t a big player in the mens Capri yoga pants market anyway.

  51. Marie Lynn says:

    EFF THE LEFT. You are all a bunch of whining as$ed pri©ks.
    I am buying NOTHING but Under Armor clothing and you could not get me to drink a Starbuck’s coffee even if you held me at gunpoint.

  52. A lot of people are tired of Liberals trying to force their will on the rest of America. Losers.

  53. John Richard says:

    These boycotts are stupid. Just ask Chick-fil-A.

  54. Way to go KP! Never stop fighting whiny a-s liberals who complain about everything. Last I checked this is a free country so keep fighting the good fight. By the way KP is right….President Trump IS good for business. Anyone who works for a living knows that. Liberalism is a mental disorder so pay no mind to the bu tt hurt, snowflake, SJW’s who fantasize about “transforming” America into a third world country full of non-English speaking social parasites. I’ll definitely buy even more UA products than I already did.

    Democrat Party == Enemy Within

  55. Hey mom and dad, Cut the kids off and the boycotts will end rather quickly.

  56. slothb77 says:

    Anyone says anything positive about the president, immediately there are calls for boycotts. Apparently no one can ever say anything positive about the president without retribution from the militant left.

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