I disagree with the choice, but good luck in Europe!

University of Maryland junior guard Melo Trimble announced today that he is forgoing his final year of collegiate eligibility to enter the NBA Draft and will sign with an agent. This is a terrible mistake no matter who was advising him. He’s simply not ready.

Melo misfired on 32 of his last 38 three point attempts. Including 8-9 in the biggest game of the year vs Xavier. This is one of his calling cards that would make him a viable NBA player. His defense and size still are not top level caliber, not to mention, a concern about fatigue. He’s simply not ready.

Another year in College Park would’ve served the kid well. His stock surely won’t be going down any lower than it is now. Besides working on his strength and shooting, Melo may want to brush up on his Italian. Because draft night will be a long night in June. He’s simply not ready…yet.