BALTIMORE (WJZ)-– Seven Baltimore police officers indicted for racketeering may be making plea deals with the court system.

This development came from of a letter to the federal judge filed in federal court Tuesday. In it, prosecutors say multiple officers are working on a plea deal.

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Each could spend 20 years behind bars. They’re accused of robbing citizens, falsifying incident reports and scamming thousands in overtime.

The blow-back keeps getting worse. 30 cases that relied on the officer’s police work have already been dropped.

State’s attorney Marilyn Mosby announced hundreds more could be overturned.

“We have prioritized individuals that either are or were incarcerated,” Mosby said.

All officers are still detained and have pleaded not guilty, but that could soon change.

“A guilty plea is almost always something that is discussed between the government and defense attorneys,” said attorney Adam Ruther.

Ruther, who is not on the case, told WJZ plea deals within a group can benefit both sides.

“The possibility always exists that the government may make plea offers to certain individuals in exchange for their cooperation in testifying against the other co-defendants,” he said.

Which of the seven defendants are working on a deal is not yet known and the terms is still to be determined.

WJZ reached out to the attorneys on the case, who have not returned phone calls.

No trial date for the case has been set.


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