First of all, I’m okay being called a homer and seeing things through orange-colored glasses. I always try to look at things from both sides, I’ve done that my whole life. For the life of me I have no idea how anyone thinks Manny Machado’s slide was dirty.

If you want to say he slid late, I get it, but to call it dirty is illogical and irresponsible. If you watch the video you see his leg is down and when he hits the bag it pops up. People actually believe that he purposefully lifted his leg when it hit the bag to injure another player? One that he considers a friend? Come on! Nobody likes the outcome, Pedroia getting hurt, but are we seriously thinking this was intentional?

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Now I’m actually okay with baseball policing itself, it’s been that way for years. The Red Sox didn’t want to do it on Saturday with a Knuckle Ball Pitcher throwing and found themselves down late, so they weren’t going to do it then. They got up early and figured they would do it late on Sunday. They had Eduardo Rodriguez throw inside at him three times and he missed on everyone of them. So in Manny’s next at bat Matt Barnes throws behind his head. It actually hit his bat an ended up being a foul ball. Barnes was ejected and everyone was put on notice.

Anyone that throws at a players head is a clown. There is no place for that in baseball.

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Over the weekend Jacoby Jones of the Tigers was hit in the face with a 94 mph fastball. That could end someones career.

I do believe this will have ramifications later on in the season.

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These two teams meet in Boston next week. I’m not suggesting the Orioles retaliate, but I believe something will happen. For the fans defending Barnes, get a life, you guys are losers!