BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Baltimore drivers beware, those red and speed light cameras are about to return.

After sitting dormant for four years, red light and speed cameras will start snapping once again and drivers are being frank; they don’t trust the system.

The cameras have a bad rap and with good reason.

Just a few years ago, some of them malfunctioned and handed out tickets to innocent drivers, so some people don’t want them at all.

“We had such a bad experience before,” one motorist says.

“It’s victimizing the working class. These are programs that are designed to line the pockets of the wealthy,” PJ Domoniski says.

“I hope they will actually give tickets to the right people, not the wrong people and actually know what they are doing,” Shadrea Fallon says.

Wednesday, two new companies will be announced to take over, but Baltimoreans are skeptical.

Four years ago, the City had to shut down the cameras after 3,000 tickets were given to innocent drivers.

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke is also concerned.

“The minute it goes bluey on drivers, there’s got to be an escape hatch and I hope there is, because we can’t live as long as we did with speed cameras as badly reporting as they were,” she says.

The City says the cameras at certain parts in the City are a plus, because when drivers get behind the wheel of the car, they are more likely to follow the rules of the road if they know there are penalties.

According to our media partner, the Baltimore Sun, the program generated $20 million a year in the past, but the City insists this reboot is not all about the money and some communities endorse this move.

“I have people that live along Walther Avenue, that are right across from an elementary school who have been waiting for the cameras to come back since the day it went down, because they are seeing increased accidents and speeding next to the school where their children go,” says Councilman Brandon Scott.

Even though the City only plans on rebooting 36 cameras in June, there are dozens more that will remain dormant for the time being.

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