Don Markus, reporter for the Baltimore Sun who covers Men’s college basketball, joined Ed and Rob to talk about the upcoming tough decision for Terrapins forward Justin Jackson whether to remain at Maryland or head to the NBA Draft.

Don started by talking about Jackson and whether he believes he’ll leave or stay saying, “I think the winds are heading in the direction of College Park but until he announces, I don’t think anybody really has a definitive answer as to what he is going to do.” In talking with some NBA scouts Don was told, “NBA guys told him, you should go back you did a nice job out here but you should go back.”

When asked about whether or not he believes Jackson is an NBA player Don said, “I was actually surprised he was invited to the combine but I think that’s based on some of his measurables like his extremely long arms and the way he plays.” When asked if returning to college could help Jackson and what he needs to work on Don said, “I think given the fact that he played and had a very solid two day performance in the 5 on 5 scrimmages out there, what they’re looking for is for him to improve athletically.”

The wait won’t be long to see which decision Jackson makes, the deadline for him to either return to Maryland or declare for the NBA Draft is May 24th.