Brian McFarland, Baltimore Ravens salary cap expert and writer for Russell Street Report, joined Rob and Ken to talk about the Ravens salary cap situation and which free agent wide receiver the Ravens should focus their money on.

Brian started by talking about the Ravens current cap situation and ways to create more cap space saying, “with the cap you always have the flexibility just matters how much do you want to create which means how much do you want to dig into future cap space…Pitta and Arrington’s release certainly help, they’ve got about $5 to $6 million in space.”

When asked about Eric Decker who the New York Jets will reportedly trade or release this week Brian said, “the only way they would trade for Decker would be if the Jets will let them talk to Decker and work out a restructured contract ahead of time, his base salary the next two years is $7 and $7.5 I don’t see anyway trading for that contract everyone will want to redo that deal.”

Other topics Brian discussed are other areas of need for the Ravens and whether or not the team will be able to fill some of the openings they have along the offensive line.


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