BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore sees multiple deadly shootings in just a matter of hours. It was a burst of violence that forced the commissioner to make a drastic move today.

All uniformed officers will be on mandatory 12-hour shifts, as the city hustles to control the crime.

Ava-joye Burnett reports the violence spilled over from the night into broad daylight today.

After a violent night, the police department announced a plan on how to address this problem, as the Police Commissioner was angered by the violence.

The violence in Baltimore started Monday evening and lasted through the night. It spilled over into the middle of Tuesday and by the end of it all, at least 12 people had been shot and at least six dead.

The victims include a 28-year-old man killed during a drug dispute on Bentalou Street, a 37-year-old woman killed in a bullying incident on Gertrude street and a man and woman– both in their twenties, killed during a quadruple shooting on Bonaparte Ave.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis didn’t hold back or temper his tone.

“Quite frankly it pisses off the community, it angers us, it frustrates us,” he said.

Shortly after that passionate press conference from the police commissioner, there was another shooting in northwest Baltimore. That was around 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon.

Every patrol officer, detective, even administrative officers will put on uniforms and start patrolling the streets in 12-hour shifts, effective immediately.

“It’s sad, it’s just very sad.”

One woman lives near one of the shootings. She thinks more police is a good start.

“It’s just really treacherous on these streets. A lot can be done. I wouldn’t give up on this city. I wouldn’t personally, living here all my life,” says Hope Aye, from Baltimore.

The commissioner said there’s a broken system that allows repeat offenders to get back out on the streets.

“We are going to keep fighting our way through this, there is nowhere for us to run. There is nowhere for us to hide. We are responsible for public safety in the City of Baltimore, and we are going to keep working our hearts out until we get to a safer better place.”

The commissioner also said this new expanded 12-hour shift where it’s all hands on deck will last at least through the weekend.

The commissioner says he believes the violence is fueled by guns, gangs, and drugs. Police are still looking for a motive in some of these cases.

As of Tuesday morning, there have been 159 homicides so far this year in Baltimore City, compared to 124 this time last year.

Anyone with information on the shootings is asked to call police at (410) 396-2525.

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  1. Catch and release is a fishing sport, but not a good way of dealing with hardened criminals.

  2. David Sohns says:

    Oh now you want more police? Can’t imagine how starting a public war on the police department would lead to something like this.

    1. Larry Jones says:

      Det be “Afro-logic,” dawg !

      Same as we be’s havin’ fo’ de las’ eight years.

      De po-lice done acted stupidly, you know.

    2. I’m am definitely confused. The last I read the people of Baltimore hated the cops and see them as the cause of their discrimination! Then, the mayor gives the command to “give the thugs room”, then, the DA wants to send all the cops to prison related to Freddie Grey case. JUST WHAT THE HECK DO THEY WANT IN THIS VIOLENT CITY??????

  3. Increasing violence? In a Democrat-run city? You guys should take a lesson from ChicagoLand on how to control vio–oh, wait…

    1. Oh…wait is right. These Dem run cities are a joke.

  4. I used to care. Really!
    But if i mentioned the violence i am called a r-cist, n-zi and accused of white privilege.
    So…if this is how Baltimore chooses to live and vote than so be it.

  5. Ted Huss says:

    Baltimore and every urban city should not be surprised. When will these democrat run (for decades) cities going to realize the “poverty and education” policies, based primarily on spending money to keep a lid on it, have been woefully wrong and demand solutions that require responsible action by the target demographics?

  6. thank God I left bmore back in 2004!

    1. Ross Phipps says:

      2006 for me I moved 3000 miles away

  7. Demographics, it’s all demographics folks.

  8. More Obama voters having fun.

  9. where are the “Black Lives Matter” and Jesse Jacksons? I thought they’d cared about black lives? Guess not

    1. Dryden Wonne says:

      The solution to your question is easily answered: the BLM and Jessie advise a victim to call them when they have been shot by a republican

  10. Bobby Love says:

    Want to save lives ??? Don’t take guns from the NRA take guns from the Democrats

    1. Jeremy Smith says:

      Exactly. Republicans don’t want gun control because they need to defend themselves from Democrats.

  11. John Gault says:

    Baltimore, Chicago and St Louis are in the hands of criminals and are under siege and the Democrats are busy chasing ghost Russians
    Anyone see anything wrong with that picture?
    I think the just like to hear the word “collusion”

    1. Dryden Wonne says:

      The Democratic Party is already filled with Russians: Marx, Lenin, and Stalin lovers who comprise the Bolshevik wing of their party

      1. Dryden, Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, the perfect summary of the modern democrat party!

  12. Just pull all of the cops, they are hated anyway and let these sub human animals commit infanticide.

  13. That ghetto-hellhole is infested with africans that murder each other, just like they do in Chicongo.

    Feed the noggs more cracks, send in more bullets, barricade them in, keep up the good work.

  14. John Gault says:

    I thought the mayor of Baltimore said this is just a way for them to “let off steam” !

  15. jasonn13 says:

    Gee, double-secret overtime just like in the Rodney King festivities out on the Left Coast. Anyone else see any common features between the two incidents?

  16. The commissioner says he believes the violence is fueled by guns, gangs, & drugs, but it’s content of character that fuels all civility or lack thereof.

    1. Stu Pedasso says:

      This is the only way I can give your comment an UP vote, so here it is.

    2. Katy Burton says:

      Giving credit to character or lack thereof removes the abiity to blame. Great comment.

  17. David Olson says:

    Want to reduce crime? Everywhere? And reduce prison populations, child abuse and drug use? Require that all people, of all races, be on mandatory birth control if they receive any kind of government assistance.

    1. Jason Hill says:

      Brilliant, why didn’t I think of that.

  18. It’s all liberal fun and games until you start losing too many voters to gang violence. Now they wish they did not blame the police? Too late, they are leaving as well, you made your bed.

  19. Baltimore deserves everything it gets. Cops know the mayor does not have their back and no way they putting their lives on the line for a bunch of ingrates

  20. Ken Kaufman says:

    Nothing to see here, just normal behavior for Democrats.

  21. To paraphrase an eminent Baltimorean, “Democracy is that system of government where the people get what they ask for, good and hard.” The Negro underclass of Baltimore and its Negro “leadership” are getting exactly what they asked for but good and hard. It’s alittle bit late to change their minds.

  22. Meanwhile the Maryland AG is filings bogus charges against Trump.

  23. Jay Lewis says:

    To: Baltimore police. Please do not respond to any incidents in any neighborhood within 5 miles of where Freddy Gray was apprehended. Be safe. signed, a fan.

  24. Bob Suyak says:

    Baltimore = democratic party run for decades, = violence, like Detroit because. lowlife dems support advocate violence, mfers have for decades.

  25. Until ‘stop and frisk’ blood is on the hands of those who prevent it.

  26. Jon Galt says:

    Lived in Baltimore for 9 years, left in 2014, the city was simply not safe. If you are out after dark, you are gambling with your life, and if you are white, you are going to get robbed/assaulted/shot/etc.
    There is a definite hatred of any and all white people, I know that is never reported, but people that live in Baltimore know what I mean.

    Baltimore is like Detroit, Chicago, and many others, run by racist democrats for years, and the chickens are coming home to roost, to quote Obama’s spiritual leader Rev. Wright.

  27. Baltimore Liberal Logic:
    Black’s Riot
    Destroying Black Businesses
    After Black Guy Dies in Police Custody
    With 3 Black Police Officers
    In A 43% Black Police Department
    With a Black Chief of Police
    Under A Black Female Mayor
    With A Black Female State Attorney
    In A City Ruled By Democrats for Over 50 Years
    With the First Black Female US Attorney General
    Appointed By The First Black President
    And they all BLAME RACISM

    1. Bob Trower says:

      You make too much sense. I’m sure you are correct. But it will never change. Democrats are in controll of all the failing cities.

    2. You are so correct! When will black people realize character, not freebies, determines so much of our behavior. Yet, this is an example of Obama and the democrat’s legacy – socialism, always advocating rebellion.

  28. Hopefully, some day very soon, Chicago will attack Baltimore or visa versa, and we’ll all be winners because of it…. (winner plays Detroit)…

  29. Baltimore is the ultimate utopian dream of the leftist community organizer. Organizers target the least intelligent but excitable members of any crowd and play to them. It has worked splendidly in Baltimore.

  30. Joe Jacobs says:

    need to disarm democrats and send to mental health professionals

  31. I thought Obama said there were too many people in jail, so he released many when he left office.

  32. Send all blacks to Africa and you will have a peace in town.

  33. jmorlife63 says:

    Hows that “gentrification” working out Baltimore?

  34. Susan Vue says:

    Warning: Progressive controlled urban areas are extremely dangerous

  35. Baltimore D’s sowed seeds of hate, lies, and chaos! Now, their seeds have taken root they beg for civil discourse and money…lots of money!

  36. gunluvr says:

    Why? What’s the point?

  37. pageoturner says:

    Hate filled, intolerant and violent democrats have to stop inciting murder and work to SOLVE problems. They may start but apologizing to patriotic Americans.

  38. Morey Ladini says:

    Open season on cities, cops, and now Congress…but let’s stay focused on those rascally Rusky Hackers!

  39. This peak in murders and all the murders after the recent riots in Baltimore can all be laid at the feet of two people and a group of people in Baltimore: The Mayor, the DA and the Baltimore city council. The Mayor literally called for the Police to stand down during riots and literally said, out loud, on camera for everyone to see and hear: give them the space to act out to express themselves. In essence she told the professional violence bringers to our streets that they could destroy businesses, burn cars and murder anyone they chose.

    There are other crazy Mayors and Chiefs of Police around the country who believe that if the rioters are liberals or simply a minority that they have carte blanche to commit violence in the name of free expression and protest. NO THEY DON’T. THESE ARE CRIMINALS AND SHOULD BE LOCKED UP.

  40. The criminals need not worry, the lawless democrats have their backs and the liberal fascist pravdas race bait the multiple times, in your face, a day.

    CNN, NYT, WaPo, etc: the professional rabble rousers, taking pride in the violence they nurture.

  41. Blacks have a black problem, that only blacks can fix. Democrats after about 30 yrs of leadership are the problem.

  42. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Once again Maryland in general has some messed up gun control laws and Baltimore as most big cities are run by poverty pimps/Demoncrats!

  43. Saul Korn says:

    ” The chicken have come home to roost ” ! The Baltimore mayor, city council, prosecutors, etc. asked for this so let it roll ! Now of course this city has become a poster child for the Leftist policies, like Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Flint, etc., etc. ! If anyone thinks the reat of America cares you are dreaming !

  44. Larry Smith says:

    got to love your liberal black run sanctuary anti-police cities

  45. Larry Smith says:

    It is really sad when you are safer in Iraq then an American city…but you get what you vote for!!!

  46. Stan Pinkus says:

    Mayor and DA did this to the city

  47. This is what you get when you have grandstanding racist public officials who decide to jail their cops and coddle their criminals. It’s one thing to be corrupt, another to be incompetent. But when the two join hands you get Baltimore.

  48. Baltimore, like all democrat run cities has become a violent cesspool!

  49. Al Zabel says:

    Wasn’t Baltimore, cleaning up, their city?
    I guess, that the slum dwellers, didn’t get that memo.
    But, I really cannot believe, that this bastion of Liberalism, is violent.
    Don’t all good little lib’s. Preach love, not hate?

  50. It could be ended in short order with “stop and frisk”. That is the most effective law enforcement measure for preventing crimes. Yes, it does involve profiling but the police generally know what people pose the greatest risk to society. So, you have to choose between saving lives and your own proclivity toward political correctness. Which is paramount?

  51. Democrat party agitation, handiwork and community agitation. Dems have ruled Baltimore for 75 years. This is what they do & thank you Obama for the racial agitation and anger mongering divisiveness you have sewn. Its what you do

  52. Must be the Reblucian voters again…No?

  53. This could be fixed virtually overnight with one simple law: if caught illegally possessing a firearm, manditory 25 years, no possibility of parole. Within a year, the murder rate would drop by 50 percent.

  54. MC Squared says:

    Shocking?? I think not. A city ran by a bunch of inept liberals. Wouldn’t expect anything less. See Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, San Francisco, St. Louis and the list goes on and on and on. One common denominator, see above.

  55. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    End welfare. Until then, enjoy!

  56. John Oakman says:

    Just fewer thugs to commit more crimes. BLM don’t matter in black Baltimore.

  57. To the delight of the racist, seditious Obama/Jarrett Cabal many of our cities and college campuses have been reduced to relatively safe enclaves like Baghdad and Kabul. Thanks so much for the third world style violence PC Progs, pathological Trump haters and anarchists. There is no doubt more to come.

  58. John McComas says:

    I thought it was the confederate monuments fueling the violence. Once the monuments are removed and Robert E. Lee Park gets a new name, the city will be much safer.

  59. Sure, overworked fatigued cops are the answer!

  60. Just giving them space…Where is the Mayor?

  61. Thanks to a democrat run city and how former Mayor and the State Attny Mosby destroyed Baltimore. Two hatefulled black women who turned on the police.

  62. To decrease violence in Baltimore, first end the drug war, depriving gangs of income, and allow concealed carry for every sane nonconvict.

  63. 12 hour shifts are for emergencies. You can’t keep men and women on 12 hour shifts for longer than a week or to before they start burning out.

  64. All whites should evacuate and then let them kill each other off. After that, they can return and turn Baltimore back to a decent place to live and work.

  65. Melvin Furd says:

    Any big city that has been Democrat run for years is destined to end up like Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, LA, Seattle, San Francisco. Democrats do not provide relief or progress, they provide crime, drugs, corruption, chaos, and decay.

  66. Kenyon Hull says:

    Black mayor with a black atty general who overreached on charges for her policemen who said, “let the black folk riot and destroy property for a while.” The rule of law means nothing to these black people. But they have the power now!!!!!!

  67. “The commissioner says he believes the violence is fueled by guns, gangs, and drugs.” And how many of these guns used in these shootings were legally owned? Another commissioner in a Democrat controlled city blaming guns when it is the illegal possession of those guns. The bet is zero guns used in the shootings were legal. It is not the guns, it is the total mismanagement of the city!

  68. Jim Williams says:

    It’s racist not to let criminals be given space to destroy.

  69. Just let all the niġġer savages kill each other and when they’re all dead white people can return to Baltimore and rebuild white civilization there.

  70. mncjgaines says:

    Damn Russians.

  71. Scotty Gunn says:

    It seems from these appalling numbers, 12 shot and 6 dead, that the police and the city leaders need to act fast.
    I suggest free shooting lessons asap. Let’s get those numbers up, Baltimore. 50% is terrible. Breathe, hold, squeeze. And for crying out loud, quit holding the damn thing sideways.

  72. The police are in a reactive rather than a proactive enforcement mode. If city leaders want to take immediate and effective action to PREVENT crime and save lives, allow law enforcement to exercise their training and judgment by stopping and frisking people they believe could pose a risk to the community. Those with prior felony arrests and/or known gang members caught carrying weapons will be removed from the streets. Otherwise, they will continue responding to crimes already committed. The only change will be longer police working hours, higher costs for the city, with zero benefits to the citizens therein.

  73. JD Yank says:

    And who has been running the city government for years?? Decades?? Oh, that’s right, the Demoturds…. Enough said…. Questions??? Yeah, I didn’t think so…..

  74. Willem Reese says:

    Must be all those right-wing NRA members out causing problems again, right? Certainly couldn’t be any of the minions of the peaceful, tolerant left. /sarc

  75. What good will more police do, if they’re handcuffed by the restrictions Baltimore has put on them?

  76. The chaos, wanton destruction, murder rate, corruption and ineffectual incompetent leadership reminds one of sub-Saharan countries in Africa. Funny how that works,

  77. Sukie Tawdry says:

    Gee, who could have seen this coming? Did you, Marilyn Mosby? How about you, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake? Nah, you both no doubt were doing the best you could. Which is the really sad part.

  78. Robert Blum says:

    Not all community standards are the same; having the natural ability to reap what they sow

  79. Why is it that Baltimore is a police state? Where I live, almost everybody owns a packs a weapon; ammunition is sold in the convenience stores. Yet murders are almost unheard of. Why? We have no blacks in our county.

    Mandatory police overtime is part of that “strength” liberals call diversity.

  80. Harold Lowe says:

    Maybe they need to give the hoodlums a little more space to destroy….

  81. Alt Bart says:

    Guns, Gangs, and Drugs. Interesting. Here where I live we have lots of Guns, no Gangs and little drugs and no violence. Clearly guns are not the driving force, but on the other hand the culture of this small town looks more like Mayberry than a big Democrat City. Could the real problem be a corrosive culture of the citizens of the city?

  82. Hey if liberals want to kill each other, why stand in their way.

  83. Kurt Frommd says:

    geeh, shill out…. it’s just a bunch of kids letting off steam.

  84. Frank Muller says:

    You don’t have a “City violence” problem, you have a black violence problem.

  85. Edwin Buck says:

    This is exactly what the black population wanted in Baltimore, And are they getting it in “SPADES”. Let them kill each other, and these politicians that started all this, they’ll move out once their policies have been found to be very harmful. It was the blacks that burned black businesses out of the city. The police aren’t going to put their lives on the line for these thankless people. To the people of Baltimore, “YOU WANT THE KILLING TO STOP? GET RID OF YOUR POLITICIANS”

  86. blisterpeanuts says:

    Sad. Baltimore was once a charming historical city. Now it’s like a 3rd World slum. It’s still a useful place for stop-overs when you fly Southwest. Other than that… shut it down and send the people back to… wherever they came from.

  87. James Cygnus says:

    Baltimore. Detroit. Atlanta. Wash DC. Chicago. What do our most violent armpit cities have in common?

  88. So how is that novel idea of putting the police on trial for doing their jobs working out for Baltimore anyway?

  89. Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and “assimilates.”

    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  90. Just watch the HBO series “The Wire” and you quickly find out why this is all a joke and the police will NEVER stop it!

  91. Paull Cudak says:

    It isn’t just the responsibility of the Police. NO SNITCH! NO SNITCH! NO SNITCH!. Until the Community decides to turn in perps, then it will never change. Can you hear me now? COMPREHEND?

  92. Send Obama down there to solve it. He’s the one that started the war on police, let him straighten out the mess.

    Obama ALWAYS knows best! Just ask him 😛

  93. Troy Dynes says:

    Perhaps they should all acquire the “Blue Flu” and give the community room to sort it all out.

  94. Just run the numbers. Who lives in Baltimore? This will predict the level of violent crime for you 100% of the time. Don’t want to get hurt or killed? Don’t live with savages.

  95. hughglass says:

    That’s what they do.

  96. Twelve-hour shifts, can we say further burnout?