By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

It’s the next to last day of Spring 2017, but this afternoon we will see Summerlike thunderstorms rake across the area. We want to put you on guard right now for potential flash flooding and damaging winds.

This is all coming together as a cold front, slowly, moves across the Mid-Atlantic today. 3PM-8PM will be the hours of a Flash Flood Watch. “Expect the main line of thunderstorms to move across much of the area between 4PM-8PM”, say our team from Accu-weather. They also add the arrival time in Baltimore will be 5PM-6PM. All that in a  perfect world, but the point is made. Midafternoon through an early bedtime will be the target for gusty conditions.

Rain of up to 2″ could fall in the heaviest pockets of the heaviest thunderstorms. Yes there is a lot going on today.

Tomorrow, the last day of Spring, and Wednesday the first day of Summer, look to be just FINE! A bumpy road to get there though. We WILL keep you updated through the afternoon on air, and here at



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