By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– President Trump’s travel ban goes into effect Thursday. The U.S. Supreme Court reinstated it earlier this week.

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The controversial ban denies visas from six mostly Muslim nations unless they show close family or business ties to the U.S.

A paired down version of the travel ban is raising concerns of how it will be applied and whether some travelers will be left in limbo.

“What is your relationship? If the person does not articulate one, what is going to happen?” said immigration law professor Richard Boswell.

The ban in the name of safety comes from six countries, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Yemen and Somalia. At one African airport people were being turned away from U.S. Bound flights.

“All the governments, they should reconsider that all the people are human,” said stranded passenger Amir al-Din Obeid.

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The Supreme Court did allow exceptions, people with work or family ties in the U.S. But some are taking issue with how the Trump Administration is defining family. Grandparents and fiances are not considered close enough. But step siblings and daughters and sons-in-laws are.

“These are very real lives being impacted,” said Dr. Zainab Chaudr with CAIR.

She said immigration lawyers will be stationed at BWI Airport just in case.

“My organization is also sending attorneys to just be there, be present,” she said.

Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas predicted this will invite a flood of litigation until the case is finally resolved on the merits and advocacy groups are gearing up for the fight but for now that is not stopping travel band 2.0. The battle is not over.

Lawyers are already stationed at several Los Angeles and New York airports to provide assistance to those who get challenged.

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