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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The TSA says it’s seizing more guns at airports nationwide, including BWI, and it’s on pace to break last year’s record.

On June 5, a loaded hand gun stopped at a check point. Then on June 29, a loaded 380 semi-automatic hand-gun was found in a purse.

Both caught at BWI before they made it on a plane and the passengers were arrested.

This is a problem that’s worrisome the to the TSA, as well as passengers.

“Well, I’m glad they are catching it. Its scary people are trying to bring guns on board planes,” says Randy Altschuler, BWI traveler.

“Water bottle. I’ve had a water bottle taken, but no weapons or anything,” says Krystal Johnson, with BWI.

Before passengers go through the security check points, there are signs listing prohibited items. At the very top, are guns.

In 2016, across the U.S., the TSA said more than 3,300 guns were pulled from passengers’ bags before they made it on a plane. The numbers have increased every year at BWI from 13 in 2013 to 24 last year.

And so far this year, agents have caught 19 guns, just five away from last year’s record.

“The number one excuse that we hear is that they forgot that they had it with them, the second most common excuse we hear is that their wife or husband packed their bag. And I tell you what, neither of those excuses fly,” says Lisa Farbstein, TSA Official.

The penalty for a violation like this could be criminal charges or thousands in fines.

On one hand, the discoveries by TSA agents is nerve-wracking for passengers, but also reassuring.

“Yeah it’s a good thing. It keeps everyone safe,” says traveler Dylan Smith.

“That’s is fantastic. I don’t want somebody with a gun on my plane!”

If you’re caught with a gun at a security check point, not only could there be criminal charges, but the fines from tsa could be up to $12,000 dollars.

Passengers are allowed to travel with weapons, but they must be in your checked luggage, unloaded, and properly stored. You must also notify the airline.

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Ava-joye Burnett


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