BALTIMORE (WJZ) — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in Baltimore this past week. Goodell met with Baltimore Ravens season-ticket holders prior to the start of the Ravens’ first 2017 open practice.

He also joined the Ravens’ podcast to break down the reasons for and against a Super Bowl in the Maryland-D.C. region.

Goodell said, “As the Super Bowl gets bigger, it requires more infrastructure. We have so many people  coming to towns to be part of the festivities, it’s made the requirements a lot harder. This region, if you take the Baltimore-Washington region, has a lot of facilities. I guess that’s something that the officials, the clubs and the communities, if they wanted to come together and do that, we’d have to consider.”

The NFL requires markets to have a minimum of 25,000 hotel rooms in order to host a Super Bowl. However, there’s still the issue of weather. Goodell has said before, and commented again, that the committee composed of NFL executives would prefer to keep the championship game in “warm-weather cities” and domed stadiums.




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