BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore city crews took down confederate monuments across the City overnight.

All four — the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Mount Royal Avenue, the Confederate Women’s Monument on West University Parkway, the Roger B. Taney Monument on Mount Vernon Place and the Robert E. Lee and Thomas. J. “Stonewall” Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell — have been removed.

On Monday night, the Baltimore City Council passed a resolution calling for the immediate deconstruction of these monuments, days after a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that drew white nationalists and counter-protesters turned violent.

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“Unite the Right” organizers said one of the reasons behind the event was the city’s plan to remove a Robert E. Lee monument from a park there.

One woman died and several were injured when a car was plowed into a crowd of counter-protesters. Shortly after, a Virginia State Police helicopter that officials said was assisting with the rally crashed outside Charlottesville, killing the pilot and a trooper.

WJZ was on the scene for the monument removals in Baltimore, which Mayor Catherine Pugh said began late Tuesday night and finished around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.

“It’s time that we start a big positive message,” artist Shawn Theron said. “We are making history by putting them in the past, going forward.”

“It’s celebrating slavery, which is just wrong,” Archie McGhee said.

While some praised the mayor for swiftly removing the statues, others are concerned the action has erased parts of history.

“I get very upset by this,” said Raymond Rooks, who is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He said two of his great grandfathers fought for the Confederacy. He calls the removal of the monuments a slippery slope that could start a process of wiping away his culture.

“It’s a great disservice really to all of those soldiers. Confederate soldiers are United States soldiers, and why would anybody disgrace any United States soldier?” he said.

“We don’t go in the library and tear up books and photographs just because we disagree with their view,” said artist Joules.

A state official said the Maryland Historical Trust will work with the City relocate and then restore or persevere all four monuments.

“It’s very powerful, because here you have an African-American female mayor who made the decision to remove this statue… it’s very powerful, very symbolic,” one man told WJZ. He came to see the Lee and Jackson monument being taken down after he got off of work.

“We’ve got a lot to do in the country, but this is a good start,” he continued. “At this moment I’m very proud of what the mayor did and I’m very proud of this city.”

“I don’t think anybody knew they were going to do it right now,” Brendan Mahady said. He says he was very surprised when he came across the dismantling of the monument while on a late-night trip to 7-Eleven.

Still, a rather sizable crowd gathered to watch the crew take the statue off its base in Wyman Park and haul it away.

“It should have happened sooner, I’m pleased that the city made a move,” Christine Manganaro told WJZ‘s Amy Yensi.

“It’s not an erasure of history,” Manganero went on to say. “There’s lots of places where we learn about our history — libraries, archives, public school. This is actually not the site of any significant activity during the Civil War so it’s not a historic site.”

Mayor Catherine Pugh talked about the removal of the memorials at a city hall press conference Wednesday morning.

She says she doesn’t know where the statues are headed quite yet, although she said earlier this week that she would like to see them go to one of Maryland’s confederate cemeteries.

“I mean I was up until 5 o’clock this morning to make sure they got off of those podiums… I wanted them out of the city and I would suspect that they’re out of the city. I’ll find out later on. I’ve been up all night and so right now I’m just trying to stand on my feet.”

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Comments (153)
  1. Bill Smith says:

    When do we rename martin luther king bull?

  2. Jeff Lynn says:

    whew that should bring the murder rate down and educate the kids.

  3. Len Peele says:

    this is ridiculous…you cannot erase history…these monuments should be looked upon as reminders of the horrors of division in this that it doesnt repeat itself…

    1. Destruction of permanent structures is necessary if you want to “change” history. ISIS has done this many times.

    2. Tim Bones says:

      Now that the statues are down, I hope the city allows the statues to go to other places such as cemeteries where Confederates are buried, Civil War battlefields, museums or private colleges. These do have artistic and historical value. The city can get some money if these are sold.

  4. Well this CERTAINLY will do wonders for the minority community in Baltimore–look for the murder rate to drop almost immediately and poverty rates will plummet. Next up: “Burning Books We Don’t Like”-

  5. Roger B. Taney was not a Confederate, he was Chief Justice of the United States during the War Between the States. If he is to be branded as a Confederate then language has lost all meaning.

    1. Ever heard of the Dred Scott decision? That is why his statue was RIGHTLY torn down.

      1. John Wolf says:

        Ever hear of Anthony Johnson, He was an indentured servant who arrived in Virginia in 1621 from Angola Africa and he was also a free man allowed to own property and he challenges the courts that being a black man he could own slaves as long as they were Black and he won the case. A Black man was the first man to own a slave in America. The Muslims are the ones that gathered black men up in Africa with the help of the black tribesman and sold them all around the world. Bet your black history professor didn’t teach you that, bet you won’t teach your kids that either. You will blame it all on a Confederate statue and the white man when it was the white man that freed the black man. Now it’s time to forget the past and start to learn 250 years of staying stupid is way too long.

      2. Ever heard of Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black? He’s a huge Democrat legal icon.
        ….he was also a KKK member and voted in the majority on Korematsu v USA, which upheld the interment of Japanese-Americans in WWII.

        We need to obliterate Hugo from the books, too!

  6. Al Holt says:

    I am “triggered” by anything Martin Luther King, street signs, monuments, pictures… PTSD over the RIOTS his speeches caused all over America. I DEMAND that all things MLK be removed immediately! I’m certain I am not alone in my terror.

    1. .

      You no longer need to demand anything.

      Just get a few folks together and go destroy them.

  7. Between the welfare state destroying the black family and Planned Parenthood, the Democrat party continues to kill blacks at a far higher rate than they ever did when slavery existed.

  8. I hope that Democrats will be consistent here and be as strict with their own heroes as they are with these men. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was also a racist and against poor people propagating. She called these people “human waste”. She pushed for mandatory sterilization of certain “unfit” people in society. She even spoke at a KKK rally one time and was positive about it. West Virginia takes pain to honor longtime Sen. Robert Byrd, D-West Virginia, who spent years in the KKK! Why? Isn’t this a contradiction?

    Dinesh D’Souza says this about him: “He was lionized in the Democratic Party. Hillary called him her mentor.”

    No double standard there, eh?

  9. When will they end the Democrat party ? After all, they created the KKK , were the party of slavery, Jim Crow, against desegregation , against civil rights.

  10. I think Abraham Lincoln said it best:

    “With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in,; to bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan – to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and a lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

    I do not believe he would have approved of any of this from the left or right

  11. The march of hate continues. Is the Washington monument next.

    1. Elena George says:

      Some guy masquerading as a Christian pastor and bishop is demanding that Washington and Jackson statues and park names be replaced in Chicago. He says it’s an affront to his community to have to look at the statues of slave owners.

      I bet those statues were there long before those neighborhoods saw black residents.

      What are they afraid of — becoming slaves again? Sorry, but LBJ’s Great Society’s welfare checks and section 8 housing has already done that.

  12. Deb Baer says:

    Baltimore, your history shows this is how you operate in the dark. I predict, you will stay dark. Removing statues is hiding. How dark you are….. I will give you support, your governor is on the same page. Congratulations!

  13. The mental illness of leftists continues to grow. In another year they will be completely insane.

  14. Yea this will help the Black community.. What a bunch of political fascists.

  15. The Taliban & ISIS most heartily agree with this Leftist American purge of historical offensive symbols.
    Once ALL of these offensive Racist & White Supremacist Symbols of White Oppression are destroyed, then and only then can we live in peace & harmony.
    So get busy people, lots of work to do.

  16. So sad the division in this country. What happened to tolerance, is that not a word any longer?
    Will taking down statues promote equality for all? What happened to love, peace and freedom?
    Everyone needs to look inside themselves and rid the evil within.

  17. By all means. Cave in to the alt-left anarchists. Democrats belong to a lawless party anyway. Might as well go all the way.

  18. Jeff Johnson says:

    How soon with the 3 black monuments in Maryland be removed?

  19. Jeff Johnson says:

    How soon with the 6 black monuments in Maryland be removed?

    Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument
    The Hosanna School
    Thomas Calloway House
    Ridgley Methodist Episcopal Church
    Abraham Hall
    Society Hall

    1. thats what it is. Trump stuck his neck way out in that press conf at Trump Tower. No modern POTUS has or would EVER do that. He spoke the truth that everyone knows is true, but havent the guts to say it as an elected official, esp if they are Conservative (or now labeled as Alt-Right)

  20. Tom Thomason says:

    This will fix all the problems in Baltimore.

  21. Jim Smith says:

    Are there any book burnings scheduled yet? Why stop with a few statues?

  22. Jon Galt says:

    We had a conference next week, on hold right now canceling reservations.

    BOYCOTT these Leftist cities, enough of the insanity.

  23. First, they came for the monuments…

  24. Jason Kale says:

    If you do not respect your enemy, you do not respect yourself. In this case the enemy is an inanimate object.

  25. Democrats continuing to erase their history of racism and slavery…and their voters are too ignorant to even know it.

    They can remove all they want, I still know how awful the Democrat Party and the Progressive Movement are and I will explain in detail to everyone I meet.

    And I avoid Baltimore and the entire State of Maryland like the plague. I drive through west Virginia just to go around the People’s Socialist Republic of Maryland.

  26. Did Robert Irsay help removing the statues? I remember him doing his best work in the middle of the night.

  27. J.R. Coker says:

    So this fixes everything…the killings in Baltimore will stop….Black folks get new jobs and a 50% increase in pay…..poverty is over and drug addicts can now heal. WHAT A JOKE!!! ERASING HISTORY WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY…..ISIS ALSO DESTROYED STATUES AND MONUMENTS….THANKS DEMOCRATS

  28. John Oakman says:

    And the THUGS go on killing each other.

  29. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Democrats would like to erase their history, but, they are creating one in the process which is just as UGLY and VILE.

  30. Ted Moore says:

    I love politics. Always have. The cultivation of votes is a fascinating process. It can be done by enhancing the lives of one’s constituents by creating a public playing field that enables more and higher-paying jobs, improved public safety, better roads and airports, and so on. Or, one can play to the fears, prejudices and other base motivations of an agitated and ill-informed populace. Which do you suppose this is?

  31. Absolutely disgraceful. These monuments honored the war dead, they didn’t celebrate slavery, or “white supremacy”. Baltimore went down the drain many years ago. This is just the icing on the cake.

  32. Mark Smith says:

    Baltimore can really afford this? Have you ever taken the Amtrak through Baltimore?

  33. J.R. Coker says:

    The sad thing is that Baltimore removes these but allows huge murals of a known drug dealer named Freddie Gray to be painted on sides of houses. Yeah Baltimore your priority’s are in order.

  34. The left and their symbolism nonsense. They erase history but will ignore black on black crime, black on white crime and dysfunction, rot and filth in the black community and family. The left only cares about intent not results. Pandering over thinking.

  35. Diane Diehl says:

    Hatred is a destroyer as MLK said. Understanding never is arrived through hate. We have a generation that does not even know their history and is all about themselves. Next they will desecrate the burial remains of the young fallen Confederate soldiers. Haters remind me of the Taliban who blew up the Buddhist ancient relics. Sad for now they continue to bloc out history and as a teacher when you do you destroy the lessons. Just like in Egypt thousands of years ago, there were slaves but those ancient ruins taught generations a lesson as to its evil. Such destruction of history will further separate the races rather than unite. I invite one hater to visit any country anywhere in the world and you will realize United States is the only country that views salvery as evil and we have so many laws already in place.

  36. Mike Murley says:

    Everything prior to now is a symbol of fascism, racism, and white nationalism. Remove everything. Ban the name “Maryland” and expunge it – it honors white nationalist slavers.

  37. MH Thomas says:

    Isn’t this how the Taliban does it?

  38. I wanted to show my future son-in-law, a history buff, Fort McHenry and Locust Point, during his visit here but could not guarantee a safe route there and back. The ceasefire did not work because the perpetrators were not signatories. During my last visit to the Inner Harbor, the restrooms smelled like they were being used for overnight lodging.

    Baltimore is not safe but it is cleansed of certain artwork thanks to its Taliban Administration.

    For the safety of their employees, local businesses with options should relocate to safer environs or begin and end the workday during safer daylight hours. There will be less targets for theft and killings.

    I grew up in Baltimore when it was safer to be there: A once proud city ruined by one-party government.

  39. “Talibans of the west” or there is no difference with real ones!

  40. Any Idea why the media calls the bused in BLM and Democratic brown shirt thugs of Antifa “counter protestors” instead of who they actually were. After all they seem able to call the Neo Nazis and white supremacist by name. More fake and lying news. West Virginia needs to take down the buildings that have the KKK recruiter Robert Byrd on them.

  41. History deniers. Deny that the Civil War happened, and you can claim that slavery and discrimination are the fabric of our nation.

  42. Alan Green says:

    Spend as little time and money in Baltimore as possible. Boycotts can be a good thing.

  43. Edwin Coates says:

    Just like the colts leaving, Baltimore works well under the cover of darkness..

  44. When I see these wackos tearing down those statues, the first thing that comes to my mind is ISIS tearing down historic statues in Iraq because they represent a different religion and culture. The ancient pharoahs did the same thing, so do modern dictators. They want to rewrite history and erase anything that presents a different view. Book burning will follow.

  45. sp they may end up at a Confederate Cemetary? Thats better than being destroyed buts its for all the wrong reasons. Slavery wasnt the cause of the war.

  46. Emm Are Kay says:

    Meanwhile…murder, rape, robbery are still going strong in Crack-more…good job Mayor.

  47. laserw says:

    It is time that the majority of this country starts defining what is “offensive” and to demand the immediate removal of all things we deem so. Minorities don’t get extra rights because they are minorities – if you on the left want to preach “democracy” then let you get a taste of what Democracy really means – you’ll not like it. Take down every black monument, close the black museum that just opened in Washington, ban BET and AFRO, abolish the black congressional caucus, eliminate any designation of hate crimes, and end all racial and other characteristic set asides for colleges, jobs, and other areas.

    If you really want to be equal, now you will be able to practice what your traps have brought.

  48. Alan Green says:

    Just checked out on the streets. Everyone’s feeling safer now that the real problem with Baltimore has been resolved

  49. Tear down every building with Robert Byrd’s name on it!

  50. Hey liberals, if you are going to remove the parts and figures of our past that you don’t like then remove ALL OF THEM! Including ALL the presidents, leaders and civil rights hero’s. You wouldn’t want to be labeled HYPOCRITES would you?

  51. Well that will solve the 80% out of wedlock birth rates in this liberal cesspool..

  52. chordonblue says:

    What happened to “Fear No Art”?

  53. Moved it in the middle of the night, eh?

    Robert Irsay would be proud…

  54. this is the work of the Alt-left and George Soros funded hate group activists. ISIS destroyed all the ancient stone monuments and churches all over Iraq, Syria and other mideast countries. Hate, that is the driving force behind their movements and they have a lot more of them than the Alt-Right. And they are much more active in the streets and in politics at the city, state and federal government level.

  55. Christine Manganaro mentions that we learn history in public schools.
    What a Hoot!! Any link between today’s anti-Confederate, anti-European, anti-white terrorism and what’s being taught – or NOT being taught – in the public schools? Not to mention the dearth of
    achievement in reading, math, English, and other basic skills? Hey, demolish and haul away the Confederate statues! That’ll lead to the kids doing better!
    This is Terrorism at its finest! <>

  56. These efforts to wipe out factual and historical monuments are incredibly short-sighted. If ANTIFA, collaborating with the media, get their way, the era of slavery and the Civil War will be wiped from the history books. But if they do that, they better darn well SCOUR the history books of everything Martin Luther King, everything Southern Christian Leadership Conference, everything about the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s, everything about the medical experiments done by the US Government on black prisoners in Selma, everything about the majority of presidents who owned slaves before 1865, and so forth.

    If you want to expunge history, then you better do it completely or you risk angering a lot of people and the likelihood of another civil war increases. And you can’t fight a civil war with snowflakes. What I saw the other day in Charlottesville didn’t differ very much from historical accounts of the rise of Communism in Weimar Germany. ANTIFA is just another name for it…and like Weimar Germany, the Commies will be put down no matter what it takes.

  57. I would really like to know how this is going to help anything but I guess we will see bcuz in my eyes its fixing nothing

  58. Kel Kswd says:

    The education system has been rewriting history, I suppose the next step is to remove plaques, statues and other items that make some eyes bleed. Rename boulevards, buildings, towns and cities. Burn the books, burn the cities, turn all history that some what to a charred nothingness.

  59. Baltimore is a bastion of communist apparently. Where first amendment rights are only allowed if you fit a certain profile. Did the city ask its residents if it approved this removal? Were they given an option or did this mayor take it upon herself to deny citizens a chance to voice any opposition and remove these historical antique art works? How is this a free country, when one person is making the decisions for an entire population of a city or county?

  60. Our schools have turned into re-education camps. Chairman Mao, Taliban; this is how it starts.

  61. As a born and raised Baltimorean, retired police and military officer with three combat deployments, THIS is not what I fought to defend. This smacks of Stalin: sanding off those in history out of favor with the ruling elite! And, mere subjective offense is not enough. I am offended by many things the Left does, but I do not trample on their history (E.g., demanding that Baltimore rename MLK Boulevard). It is getting close to time to feed the hogs!

  62. hitrestart1 says:

    And America’s enemies rejoice as more statues of white men are removed from view. It isn’t as much about hiding history as it is about removing all signs and symbols of the critical roles whites played in creating the greatest country on earth. Marginalizing whites one law by activist judges, one report by the propagandist machine, one lesson in the government indoctrination system, and one statue of a white man removed at a time.

  63. She can’t pass $15 minimum wage , but she sure can move those “offending” statues Taliban style.

  64. Charlie Doe says:

    Donald Trump isn’t just a great President, he’s psychic.

    Pastor Wants Presidents’ Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery

    CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago pastor has asked the Emanuel administration to remove the names of two presidents who owned slaves from parks on the South Side, saying the city should not honor slave owners in black communities.

    A bronze statue of George Washington on horseback stands at the corner of 51st and King Drive, at the northwest entrance to Washington Park.

  65. Liberals/Progressives/Antifa/BLM are the new ISIS and DDTG (declared domestic terrorist groups).

  66. Ty Roark says:

    This is about time this should have happened years ago, now we need to burn Monticello to the ground and while we have a fire going we need to start burning books, yea that’s the way to go. No fascist around here.

  67. Joe Contana says:

    This is going to backfire on the Leftists. Because the Leftists won’t stop, soon they will want go after Jefferson and Washington, then everyone who is not a Leftist. The right; ie., the majority of Americans — are not going to stand for that.

  68. David Kachel says:

    So, ISIS is alive and well in the democrat party, tearing down historic sites they don’t like and rewriting the history books to tell lies instead of truth.

  69. About time we got rid of symbols of people who believed in breaking their oath to the United States and picked up arms to strategically murder their fellow countrymen to protect their right to enslave black people.

    1. Your ignorance of history is shining blindingly bright. Just exactly how closely related WERE your parents?

  70. How about we offer to buy a free airline ticket to any other country in the world to the perpetually offended and habitually outraged and then check with the in a year and see if they are so offended and outraged with the United States.

  71. Jim Foles says:

    Smart move by the govt.. This will keep the crazy BLM out of the news and save buildings from being burned to the ground.. that would be hard to blame trump on..

  72. Dan R Clark says:

    Since when is a ‘Resolution’ actually a ‘Law’?!?

    The Mayor and Council are acting as FASCIST dictators.

    The Mayor has actually defied the ‘Rule of Law by doing a late night destructive action that left no time or opportunity for an Injunction and Due Process.

    The Democrats and the Mayor exceeded her Executive Authority to pander for Political Gain, wasted taxpayer funds and, since these monuments might actually not be owned by the City might actually be liable for damages, Vandalism and Theft.

    Nobody, not even the Mayor can be allowed to take the law into her own hands.

    Today, it was a lot of statues being CENSORED and kicked out. Tomorrow, it could quickly be George Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln………heck, if Liberals have so much hatred for the Confederacy they might actually put yellow ropes around the necks of all White Southerners and remove them from the US…….why not remove all Whites from the entire country as a mass reparation?

    I really would not be surprised at seeing statues of Obama, Black Panther Huey Newton, Malcolm X, fraudster Alex Haley Jr. and Freddy Gray going up as replacements.

  73. Rudy Katt says:

    Now I can walk down the street at night and be free from crime…wheeee, things are better now!

  74. Baltimore’s murder rate has nearly doubled and its PC warriors are in full Taliban mode.
    George Washington statues are next.

  75. Jack Lee says:

    Laughable. Rather than solve a murder, or fix the economy, or remove the corrupt, OR SOLVE THE SPENDING PROBLEM, we take down…statues. This should be a South Park episode.

  76. John Carran says:

    While we are cleansing history, there should be a monstrous book burning. All history books should be destroyed. School districts could save lots of money by firing history teachers. Why would anyone need to know what happened in the past?

  77. Thomas Breen says:

    well I guess this means everything we have learned in history class is null and void, what you have learned means nothing at all because nobody can leave the past in the past and move forward.What,s next?

  78. Steve Hollar says:

    And we’re supposed to open a dialogue with the left? Every day they are proving how twisted and mentally ill they are. You just can not talk to people like that.

  79. Thus ends racism in Baltimore. These statues were then only thing standing in the way of harmony, love and understanding.

  80. What they did in removing statues of the Confederate soldiers was to remove images of U.S. veterans, officially designated so by Congress in 1957. The mayor of Baltimore did what the Soviets did to the Eastern Bloc when the Iron Curtain went up — removed all visual artifacts of the nations’ historical military, political and cultural leadership. The Left is not insane. Only its mindless brainwashed followers are. It is willful in the pursuit of tyranny. And the Republican Congress should be ashamed of its cowardly behavior in the face of what is clearly an affront to most of America.

  81. Removing these Confederate statues in the night without any notice is a sad commentary on liberalism.

  82. Jerry Snaper says:

    explains Dr. Bll Warner. The attacker intended to damage or destroy some of the priceless works of art that are exhibited in the most renowned art museum in the world. His intent was to destroy the finest art of Western civilization.

    Why art? Art that involves animals or humans is forbidden in the Sharia. Art is the work of Kafirs and is part of jahiliyya (civilization of ignorance). Islam annihilates a civilization piece by piece and leaves nothing of its native roots. Civilizational jihad destroys the very cultural history of every nation it comes into contact with.

    We see the jihadist annihilation of museums and ancient architecture for the same reason. This civilizational war has been this way for 1400 years.

    I would look into the muslim influence in creating this statue histeria.

  83. Minnie Pearl says:

    The left is as frightening as the leader of N. Korea.

  84. Ra Williams says:

    That was a smart move. I know Baltimore is led by leftists but I like that it’s taking away more chances for violent protests! A Democrat that did the right thing, thats great!

  85. John Dillon says:

    I expect no less from idiotic Baltimore. How’s that over reach Mosby legal case going? Good luck with your black on black murder rate! You’ll run out the rest of the legal law abiding residents soon enough…if your tax rates don’t sky rocket more than they have in the past 10 years. Gov Hogan put the quick squash on those tax hikes unlike the idiot O’Malley.

  86. Joe Brown says:

    First thing to do when you want to destroy a country is destroy its heros.

  87. Has Anyone taken a ride down MLK BLVD its awesome one corner you can get a Girl with No teeth trying to make some money to feed her habit, on another you can get the Drug of choice on another you have to be careful or you will get robbed and the pan handling. Its kind of sad when you goto the VA on green street and they warn you not to stop or talk to anyone on MLK.

  88. ricfritz says:

    So, when is the book burning ceremony and celebration???

  89. This job is just half done! The people memoralized by the statues also wrote books! Those books must be removed and burned in public, at night. The students can march past and throw the offending volumes into a fire, just like the Berlin Opernplatz in 1933. Oh, wait a moment…

  90. i am so disappointed in this yet another group yells racism those statues are not a sign of racism they are and always about the men who served in the Civil war THE MILITARY aand yes there was both white and black that fought on both sides it worries me as to after they get all they can down what will the start on next the museums, the graveyards, you cant erase racism by removing a statue you have to talk to the heart of people this is do dumb and I fine it offensive that they are being taken down watch out Mount Rushmore

  91. Bob Johnson says:

    The Pyramids need to come down, the Great Wall needs to come down, let’s rename our country, burn all knowledge of Algebra and destroy our knowledge of the astronomy, the great cathedrals of Europe, destroy the Slave Castles on the west coast of Africa, tear up the railroads in the USA…just how stupid can we make this.

  92. No, “celebrating slavery” would be a group of people bent over picking some crop with a laughing whip cracker pushing them onward…THAT is “celebrating slavery”…Not that I care…Tear down EVERY STATUE in the world! Sadly, it is the artist or sculptor being disrespected…They turn in their graves to see what idiots so many have become…This is not China!

  93. Gregory Kay says:

    Notice that, AS USUAL, this decision was not put on a ballot for the people of Baltimore to decide for themselves, nor, with a single exception (Mississippi, which voted to keep its state flag), has ANYPLACE ELSE doing similar things. Let the people speak for a change…unless you’re a coward afraid of what they’ll say. Ah-ha!