BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A new study shows promise for kids suffering from peanut allergies. For the first time, doctors have eliminated long-term symptoms with an experimental treatment.

Peanut allergies affects more than one in every 100 kids and the new experimental treatment could be life changing.

The treatment isn’t available yet, but in Baltimore, doctors are hopeful it could essentially ‘trick’ patients bodies into immunity.

“This is a huge deal to know that there are treatments being developed that could potentially protect people either from an accidental ingestion of peanut. Maybe even protect them so much, they start eating it for enjoyment,” said Dr. Manav Singla of MedStar Health.

The study involves peanut-allergic kids incorporating tiny grains of peanut flour with a probiotic into their diet. Eventually building up enough immunity to start eating peanuts without a reaction. Then four years later, 70 percent of the kids could still eat peanuts.

Maria Karolenko struggled with peanut allergies growing up and already watches what her daughter eats.

“She currently is eating some pumpkin seeds in her yogurt, some Brazil nuts, just to kind of introduce that to her,” Karolenko said.

Dr. Singla is cautious, this is still in the experimental stage, but said it’s a major step towards improving quality of life.

“So there’s been a lot of great science and research, and some promising results,” she said.

The study said many of the participants had reactions to the tiny amounts of peanut along the way but ultimately, it was successful.

Dr. Singla warns parents should not try to do this on their own and that the study has to be replicated before it can be approved.

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