Hi Everyone!

So refreshing this morning. It is just such a change from two days ago that, if you have not been outside yet as you read this, what a treat you are in for. Yesterday the dew point at 7 A.M. was 70°. Today 59°. And to quote the Beatles, “It’s getting better all the time.” Overnight clouds are breaking up and a sunny fine afternoon lay ahead with a high of 81°.

As I mentioned yesterday the forecast for the weeks end, and weekend is no tougher than that.

We may have to watch what is going to become Hurricane Harvey a bit close. He is going to bring flooding rains to the SE coast of Texas, and eventually that Low will turn East and drag moisture our way. This could impact our Monday and Tuesday predictions. At this time the change would be in the form of clouds. But showers may be added to Tuesday’s outlook. Time will tell.

As for not though, what a good run of late August we are in! HUZZAH!




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