By Denise Koch

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — People living in one picturesque corner of Fells Point are shaken by news of an attack on one of their own.

Alex Dominguez is often called ‘The Mayor of Fells Point.’

For 22 years, he’s lived – without incident – above his coffee shop, until Sunday night, when everything changed.

Dominguez’s phone won’t stop ringing, with friends and neighbors constantly calling and coming into his Jabali coffee shop once they hear what happened.

“This guy attacked me with a knife,” Dominguez said. “[It was] Sunday night.”

It was at about 8:30 p.m., at the corner of Shakespeare and Bond in Fells Point, when someone walked up behind him and began stabbing him.

Dominguez fought back.

“I was holding him down, because I managed to get the knife away from him, and then I threw the knife away,” he said. “Then, some guy comes and says, ‘You’re bleeding heavily. You should let him go before you bleed out.'”

Dominguez says police responded right away, and he was treated in the ER for cuts to the face, shoulders, and legs.

It’s an attack that’s reverberated around the neighborhood.

“He’s great, and I know he has tons of people looking out for him,” said one neighbor.

“Alex is the mayor of Fells Point, really,” said another neighbor. “This place here [Jabali] is the central location for everyone. He’s so friendly, everyone loves him, everyone knows him.”

Dominguez seems to be taking it in stride, even though this seemingly random attack comes at a rough time.

“My mother just passed away in June,” he said.

He’s thankful his mother didn’t see this, and thankful he will recover from his wounds.

He also wants everyone to know he’ll be serving coffee one day very soon.

Police have the knife and they have Dominguez’s description of the suspect. However, they are still searching for the suspect.

If you were in the area Sunday at 8:30 p.m., and can add anything to their investigation, police want you to call them.

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  1. Kevin Miller says:

    I think the person that attacked him was a black male. This is highly unusual in Baltimore city where all black men are on their best behavior, unless they are raping white women.

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