Hi Everyone!

It is the weekend. It is the last weekend of Summer. It is the weekend that is the home opener for the Ravens! And it looks like a fine weekend too! Irma’s remnants are out of here, high pressure has built in, and that is the news,…er..the weather!

There is really only one discussion we need to have. Jose is still being watched and will make a close approach to us on Tuesday,  but reaming off shore enough that clouds should be our only issue inland. Increased waves, showers, and clouds for the DelMarVa. We will stay on point with this storm because, as you know all too well now, we live update to update during Hurricane season. We now also have Tropical Depression #14 to deal with. Soon, by this afternoon I think, #14 will become Lee. Just off the African coast “he” will need to be observed but is still quite far away. But none the less….

I could wax poetically about this and that but it is Friday so let’s just move along and enjoy!

T.G.I.F., . ain’t it the truth!



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