Hi Everyone!

Here comes another great Fall day. Sun, and clouds, early on. Then cloudier later. But my headline, again, is temps.  Today’s forecast daytime high is 82° that is 13° above normal. (Heck this morning we have numerous locations at 70°. The normal morning number should be 48°.)

Some showers tonight and tomorrow, (which we still need), then clearing for the weeks end, and weekend.

Cooler temps the next three days. Wed-73°, Thu-69°, an Fri-69°.  But then a warm up back to the mid 80’s by the end of the weekend.

It’s all about those temps. Speaking of which, and not to end this on a “downer”,  but a look at Canada, and North, shows that good ol “Polar Vortex” amping up. After all it is just 6 weeks until Thanksgiving.




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