BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Council President Jack Young reportedly said that Baltimore Police Department officers are “raping the city” by not living in Baltimore.

Baltimore City leaders are concerned about the lack of firefighters and police officers living in Baltimore neighborhoods, and Young has proposed a tax break to public safety officers who own a home inside Baltimore City limits.

In the heat of his argument, Young said something he appears to regret.

“Police officers not living in the city is not a new issue,” Baltimore PD Commissioner Kevin Davis said. “It’s been around for a long, long time.”

During a meeting Thursday morning on the proposed tax credit, Luke Broadwater, a reporter for our media partner The Baltimore Sun, tweeted that Young said officers are “raping the city” by not living in Baltimore.

Broadwater reports that Young said, “We need to figure out how we can force them to live in the city. This is madness. They have the nerve to vote to not sign the contract? They’re raping the city.”

Broadwater reports Young later clarified, saying he used a “poor choice of words.”

WJZ asked Davis about Young’s statement.

“Well I’ve heard those remarks, and let me say this about our city council president, there is no bigger cheerleader in the city for us getting more police officers, both on our department and getting police officers who hail from the city of Baltimore. So Jack Young’s motives are pure,” Davis said.

Of the 4,012 sworn officers and firefighters, 3,162 live outside the city. Of the 850 who are Baltimore city residents, 531 of them live in their own homes.

“Let me also say this, and I think I’m obligated to say this. Police officers who do not live in Baltimore are not committing a crime,” Davis said. “Police officers who do not live in Baltimore are not violating any type of rule or procedure, and to have those police officers compared to – and again, it’s an unfortunate use of words – the vile act committed by a rapist, is something that really offends the sensibilities of all of us.”

The committee unanimously approved the tax credit legislation. It now goes to the full council for a vote.

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Comments (5)
  1. Katy Burton says:

    I wouldn’t visit, live OR work in Baltimore. Be thankful you at least have some officers willing to work there. I wouldn’t worry so much where they live as much as that they sign on in the first place. Maybe decent pay and a whole lot more respect would help? Maybe let them do their jobs without threat of being charged themselves. Your citizens are leaving because of the crime. If you were really worried about increasing your population, work on lowering crime by having an effective police force, keep the criminals off the streets with appropriate sentencing. Pay your officers a decent wage and most important, back them up when they are doing the jobs you hired them to do. The situation will fix itself and more officers and others wil move to the city.

    The fiasco with incompetent Mosby and Blake has ruined your city, and still you put the criminal on a pedestal. That right there is the key to your probem. The city gave them room to destroy and they did. Now you continue to kow-tow to their whims. Bye-Bye, Baltimorgue, Murderland . You are dying.

  2. Most of the Administrative staff do not live in the city either. Some have “token” city addresses but their real home address are surrounding counties.

  3. The issue isn’t the cost to live in the city, matter of fact it’s probably cheaper for them to live there. It’s call the quality of life. Police Officers know how dangerous the city is, how bad the schools are. Why would they subject their families to that? God forbid their children are identified as being police officers children, they would need to have 24 hour protection.