By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — From the heart of Baltimore’s tourism industry, to a nightmare.

A series of attacks at the Inner Harbor have many on edge, and the victims speaking out.

Just a day after WJZ brought you a story about a New Jersey family of 10 being attacked by a group of teens at the Inner Harbor, another family shares their horrifying story.

Two attacks on the same night at the Inner Harbor. The family of the victims are only sharing their stories with WJZ.

With the holiday season just about here, it usually draws record crowds to the Inner Harbor. Some say this year, there’s no shot they’ll be part of that.

Lying in a hospital bed with no sight out of his one eye. It’s a horrifying ordeal Trashel Maye says no mother should ever have to endure.

“I am disgusted and I’m upset because my son got hurt. Not even just my son, no one should have to go through that,” said Maye.

Maye’s son is just the latest victim of yet another attack at the Inner Harbor.

The night of October 21, a Saturday night out for the 18-year-old victim and his friends, turned out to be a night of bloodshed when they were bombarded by a group of teens.

“He heard screaming, they didn’t know what was going on. These kids walked up to them, hit my son’s friend first in the back of my head, and then my son said one of them came up to him and was trying to hit him, and he was trying to move, but they got him in the eye,” Maye said.

Her son, who doesn’t want to be identified, was left hospitalized and rattled.

“He couldn’t go to school or work cause he couldn’t see out of his eye,” she said. “His eye was closed for days.”

Maye is not the only one who’s outraged and disgusted.

On Monday, WJZ first told you about a family from New Jersey who was attacked by a group of teens at the Inner Harbor that same night.

Both families are fed up and demanding answers from police.

“If this is going on down there, and they know it’s ongoing, why weren’t the police there?,” Maye asked.

It’s what’s becoming a disturbing trend downtown.

Earlier this year, a man was jumped on his way home from work by a group of teens. And before that, councilwoman Rikki Spector was attacked by a group of juveniles.

“We knew it was juveniles, it’s sickening, disturbing, to see some of these young and out of control kids doing what they’re doing. The disrespect from some of these juveniles, it’s unreal and stunning, and it should be to society,” said Baltimore Police Department spokesperson T.J. Smith.

Police say the Inner Harbor is already flooded with cops on a daily basis, but they can’t have officers on every corner.

“These are young people making these reckless decisions and it needs to be more oversight not from just police, but from parents and juvenile services side of things, and the courts of course,” Smith said. “We have to demand more from the system that’s continuing to shield some of these juveniles and get them the help they need.”

While the entire city tries to get a hold on the random attacks, these victims say it’s the last time they’ll visit the heart of Baltimore.

“It’s going to affect them economically, probably because people will avoid the area,” Maye said. “This is the first time my son has ever asked to go outside of Harford County and to the Inner Harbor, and it will be the last time. I’ll never let him go back. Never.”

No arrests have been made yet in either of these cases.

Police say they’re currently reviewing surveillance video. Anything that could be helpful, they will release to the public.

They’ve increased security near the Inner Harbor, and the Waterfront Partnership says they have a team of safety guards dedicated to work with police as well.

Anyone with information on the attacks is urged to call Baltimore police immediately.

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Rick Ritter

Comments (119)

    1. Joe Contana says:

      You can’t expect the police to do anything after they’ve been sold out by the Baltimore politicians.
      They do their job and then get accused of crimes and have their careers and lives ruined. Blame the Baltimore politicians for this. Did you know they are Democrats and have been for decades? What is to be done? Just don’t go into Charm City for any reason.

  2. In any crime where the police are trying to identify the criminal, one of the gigantic identifiers would be the race of the perpetrators. However, there is not a smidgen of mention in this article about the race of the “juveniles” involved in these violent crimes. What do you think the chances are the criminals are Negro? Why not identify them as such?

    The police spokesman says, “We have to demand more from the system that’s continuing to shield some of these juveniles and get them the help they need.” These Pieces of excrement don’t need help. They need incarceration so the streets of Baltimore are safe from them. If Maryland wants me to visit Baltimore, they need to make acquisition of a “Concealed Carry License” much easier to obtain. Otherwise, I’m staying away.

    1. irishsavant says:

      No need to for two reasons. First we all pretty much know that they’re black. And the fact that the report omits any reference to race confirms that as a fact.

  3. Special thanks to: Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Marilyn Mosby, Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama for neutering Charm City law enforcement.

  4. Don Bolyard says:

    Democratic leadership.

  5. Interesting that so many responders want to play the race card. This isn’t about race this is about a lack of control and yes in this situation the lack of control demonstrated by black youth attacking innocent people in Baltimore. We have a President and those around him who constantly lie. We have local leaders who line their pockets instead of looking out for our needs. And while most police officers are incredible we have police officers breaking into homes and stealing and breaking laws. Leadership starts at the top and the lack of leadership displayed by those at the top is often demonstrated by those watching. So go ahead make it about race obviously it advances an agenda you wish to push.

    1. Arthur Bain says:

      Wow, Steve Johnson! It’s amazing how long it took your comment to get posted. Over two years!

    2. Dude – get your liberal head out of the sand. Your willful ignorance is actually a threat to society.

    3. the world’s largest coincidence!!!!

    4. I get it, it’s the president’s fault.

      1. These teenagers are the cannon fodder of the left. The left paid to bring them into the world and their lives are worthless so they treat life with disregard. They should never even been conceived never mind born. We have to stop feeding the welfare beast that produces these feral teenagers. Remember the left needs them and they don’t care how much misery they feel and inflict on this country. All they care about is when they say, “riot” they can count on the fact these kids will have nothing better to do.

    5. Steve it is not a race card as you portray it. The names of the victims alone indicates the victims may be black however that is not the issue here is it? That being said a few things come to mind. Why is the victim withholding his identity? Is he afraid of retribution because he may know the perpetrators? Black groups constantly complain how their race is treated differently in the legal system. This is a perfect example of why there is a high percentage of blacks, based upon there numbers within society, behind bars. If this is a black on black crime why does it appear the victims of such crimes protect the criminals? Agreed, Baltimore’s leaders have let the population of that once glorious city down and all because of an agenda. The Mayor is not going tell your kids to behave it is the job of the parents. Where are they? Oh that’s right, the left now believes raising a family is inherently a white, racist privilege. What you say Steve is a fraction of the problem. City leaders are only one part of a puzzle which began when the criminals here were in their infancy. We’ve all seen how the public in Baltimore treats the police. Why should they respond when likely they will be shot at or condemned because the criminals here may be black.

    6. Decent law abiding Americans are being attacked, be they black, white or in between. Its not the race of the perpetrators that matters, its their total lack of respect for other Human Beings. The criminal teenagers that were throwing rocks off an overpass in Michigan and killed a man were white , it appears these teenagers were black. Its not the race of the criminals that matters, however what matters is that some people will try to make this a racial issue. Whether its corrupt or ineffective local politicians, race apologists, or bigots on either side. The Police cannot protect you from youth who are emboldened by protesters who tell them that their behaviour is “not their own fault” but blame it on history or society. That includes NFL Football players and BLM and sadly you too by trying to place blame on the President. This is not political.

      1. Fred Smith says:

        Don’t be an idiot. It has everything to do with race. Sure, some whites engage in crime but the one race that commits the most crime are blacks. Bringing up one incidence involving whites is incredibly stupid. The epidemic of black on white crime is astounding, same with black on black crime. What isn’t happening is an epidemic of white cop on black crime. That’s a complete myth but it allows blacks to ignore the behavior and culture of black communities. In 2013, blacks committed over 960,000 violent crimes against whites vs 99,000 white on black crimes. The liberal MSM and black leaders won’t address it though as it’s “racist”. Thank goodness for alternative media who is bypassing the MSM and liberal elites’ lies. Whites in Appalachia are poorer than inner city blacks but they have 50% of the average US violent crime rate. It has nothing to do with poverty, it’s culture and demographics. Why do VT, NH, ME have such permissive gun laws and the lowest crime rates? It’s because they are the whitest states.

    7. There appears to be a cultural rot within a certain community and ignoring it or blaming “white privilege” for the problem is the response of a fool. Perhaps they should emulate the Asian community. White privilege hasn’t held them back and their kids are too busy studying to get in trouble on a scale of what exists in Baltimore. My only agenda is a safe society. I don’t care if the thugs are a dare-not-say color or white trash. It’s a damn shame that most readers correctly predict the race of the thugs before we read the story. Is it the guilt of your white privilege that enables you to ignore the obvious? Yeah, and blame Trump. Everything was rosy before Trump. Most of your other gripes deal with local issues. Perhaps you should work harder at having the D’s control the city. Oh….

    8. Kurt Smith says:

      D you really seriously expect us to believe that these victims were attacked for any reason other than for being white?

    9. Steve Hollar says:

      Sorry Steve Johnson, it is about race. These aren’t the Amish who are causing all this mayhem across the country. Pull your head out.

  6. John Oakman says:


  7. “teens”, “kids”, “teens”, “teens”, “juveniles”, “juveniles”, “kids”, “juveniles”, “young people”, “juveniles”

    *rolls eyes*

    1. A clear-cut case of “ageism” in the media. Age inference should be eliminated from crime news stories to ensure there is ZERO description of suspects. Only then can we ensure they are caught without prejudice. (Is there an emoji for intensely disgusted sarcasm?)

  8. Is there any description of the “teens” that you’d like to share with the rest of us?

    1. It goes without saying the teens were white, European Christians.

  9. Rob Lynn says:

    Is it any wonder that “teens” *ahem* are globally despised?

  10. Don McGee says:

    “A group of ‘teens…'”

  11. Sam Donovan says:

    This could and should be stopped NOW! Except for the putrefying effects of big city Democratic (liberal, progressive, socialist) leadership policies which have neutered societies ability and will to do what needs to be done. A fifteen year old individual who participates in such atrocities is not a juvenile, him, her, it, is a monster that needs to be removed from society, having proven they are unfit to be a member of society. Removal should be accomplished quickly, permanently and in as cost affective manner as possible. Our sympathies need to be reserved for the victimized and society itself as these monsters have already relinquished any rights to our sympathy or our resources.

  12. Dale Warren says:

    The same radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat machine that felt compelled to order law enforcement to stand down and give rioters room to riot in the recent past remains adamantly opposed to law and order and in favor of giving room so lawless teens may practice anarchy and criminal violence against others unimpeded. A vote for a radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat at the local, state, or national level is a vote against law enforcement and a vote for lawless anarchy. What tourist in his or her right mind would visit Baltimore at the risk of life, limb, and well-being?

  13. Prudent citizens ALWAYS carry a hollow point surprise and watch their surroundings.
    Be prudent, and carried by six or judged by twelve…

  14. Joe Clovis says:

    The “fine” citizens of Baltimore are getting what they asked for. If they want to continue electing politicians who are soft on crime and politically correct, then they get a crime ridden city where even the residents are afraid to go out doors. Need an example of how Baltimore may look in a few short years? Take a quick glance at Chicago.

  15. I think it would be very suiting for someone to be well armed and take out half a dozen of
    these ghetto punks, when attacked!

  16. People should boycott Baltimore until the mayor and police crack down on and bring an end to the out-of-control black violence.

  17. Mark Baratto says:

    Arm yourselves, shoot to kill. Problem solved.

  18. The rotting Democrat plantation is consuming itself!

  19. Bob Davis says:

    “Police say the Inner Harbor is already flooded with cops on a daily basis, but they can’t have officers on every corner.”

    If this keep sup they won’t need police and nobody will go to Inner Harbor. I tell out of town guests they are on their own as I’m not going to go there.

  20. Baltimore is in deep trouble. These youths of today will eventually be possible candidates for public office. They have absolutely no value for human life. Baltimore City’s only answer is we need more money to continue to coddle and appease.

  21. Dave Fay says:

    More attacks by “Teens”, sometimes also called “Youths” depending on the media outlet.

  22. Wonder what would stop this? oh maybe armed citizens. Its worked in other states, of course you won’t hear the media report on it. Once, a few thugs get shot, it only takes one or two incidents, thugs stop attacking random people. Baltimore elected officials like their city just the way it is.

  23. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Hopefully, the attack the wrong person who is carrying. Although it is extremely difficult to get a permit in Baltimore to carry you have to provide a “good reason” for a concealed carry permit according to Baltimore laws. It sounds like they are more concerned with enabling criminals than allowing law abiding citizens to protect themselves. I would drive around Maryland, DC, New Jersey and others if need be.

  24. Mark Jaeger says:

    “Teens”. Hmm, must be those pesky “Mennonite Bloods” again.

  25. Ty Harris says:

    Will the Football players and BLM be kneeling and protesting over the beatings of black people by other black people? I guarantee you black on black violence and murder is a bigger threat to all black people than white racism or white police oppression of blacks. Nobody wants to hear that though. Real change starts with yourself not blaming others.Go look in the mirror people. I wouldn’t live in any of these places where the young blacks have basically degenerated into feral packs of roving predators. Who would?

  26. Jim Williams says:

    They probably aren’t even teens if the witnesses couldn’t even describe their race or gender… or is it the reporter who can’t?

  27. But … but … liberals told me The Knockout Game was made up by Bill O’Reilly and the racist audience of Fox …

  28. Terry Odette says:

    Why is there a black fist in Detroit. you can take the savage out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of the savage.

  29. “Anyone with information on the attacks is urged to call Baltimore police immediately.” Maybe you should take your own advice and describe the attackers. Although, no description usually means the usual suspects. Urban youth—NAPAs

  30. Undoubtedly a group of “White Supremacist’s” committed this heinous crime! Who else would do such a thing?

  31. David Leach says:

    With 77% of black males growing up without a father in the home, what do you expect? Animals with no education or proper discipline.

  32. Baltimore? We don’t go to Baltimore anymore…

  33. Betty says:

    Where do you think Maye might have been and what was she saying when the mayor let these animals off the leash?

  34. John Woodhar says:

    Get those rascally Mennonites out of there before they cause more problems.

  35. Skip Gainer says:

    Well the gang of attackers are black and the mayor of Baltimore left this get out of hand when she handcuffed Baltimore`s police and she babied the thugs.

  36. This place is a liberal dream, they love to set the animals free. You get it? The liberals give everything away for free, welfare, SNAP, housing, etc. So these animals don’t have to work, they can play in their concrete jungle as free animals, in the wild. And they are acting the part.

  37. “teens” = knéégrøes

  38. It’s those darn Eskimo “teens” again.

  39. Eric Jahnke says:

    Worthless, useless thugs in a liberal slave state. What else do you expect?
    This doesn’t happen where citizens are free. We have the right to shoot these animals, and we do. I feel a little bit sorry for people trapped behind enemy lines, but not enough to stop saying, “I told you so.”
    Big Brother hates We The People.

  40. gr0ids are not human. They are predators.

  41. Though, of course you didn’t mention it, can we assume, for good reason, that you meant BLACK youths!

  42. Violence in Baltimore? I am shocked, shocked I tell you.

    I guess this is what happens when you demonize and vilify the police and prevent them from doing their jobs. If I were law enforcement in that rathole city I would sit in my car sipping my coffee and mind my own business.

  43. Gary Wilson says:

    The Jungle is rapidly overgrowing the only nice place in Baltimore, the Inner Harbor. This is evidenced by the increasing predations of feral creatures of prey. Civilization is eroding away.

  44. If these were white teens, they would be identified by the lamestream media as white teens. But because they are a protected class (black teens) the media cannot manage to admit what every other person knows to be factual. When you go to the inner harbor, your only fear is running into a group of feral black thugs. You never worry about groups of whites because they are not violent and don’t want to attack you.These “teens” or “youths” are cowards who only become brave when traveling in packs. They should be treated like the wild animals they are and be dealt with using lead traveling at a speed of 900 ft. per second.

  45. Carl Mayo says:

    when the government pays single women to have babies they don’t want, then children are brought into homes where they are NOT WANTED — then those parentless children grow up to be heartless thugs
    the only way to stop this is to END WELFARE IMMEDIATELY.

  46. Don Butler says:

    It’s not always the police officers’ fault. Obama went in and took over police departments. They have been hamstrung ever since.

    “In the wake of two black men killed in officer-involved shootings, President Obama reminded the nation in a Thursday night speech that his White House has already taken steps to help improve relations between police and communities.

    “Last year, we put together a task force that was comprised of civil rights activists and community leaders, but also law enforcement officials — police captains, sheriffs,” the President said. “And they came up with specific recommendations and steps that could ensure that the trust between communities and police departments were rebuilt and incidents like this would be less likely to occur.”

    That group, the White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing…”

  47. Maybe we should compare the situation in Baltimore to other cities that don’t have this kind of crime? The city needs to start locking up these people and that will get the message across to the rest.

  48. Bene Teau says:

    This type of criminality, in conjunction with feckless city and state leaders in collaboration with the cohort liberal media, only reinforces my confidence Maryland will go Republican soon. The “producers” in Maryland will finally get enough and throw the current plantation politicians out!

  49. Peter York says:

    hmm…let me get out my color wheel.

  50. Ed Weibe says:

    its only gonna get worse.

  51. Mike Burns says:

    No mention of race here but just use your imagination. This is what happens when the young people see things like the BLM groups rioting and think it is lefit to act that way. Best solution is to boycott cities like that and not travel there. If you live there, tell the city council you are fed up and demand something be done about this terrible problem of youth violence.

  52. Since race is omitted we default assume they are blacks.

  53. I am from Baltimore. I remember when Harbor Place was built. It was dangerous then because it is surrounded by young feral blacks. It is so much more dangerous now that Baltimore is collapsing. Any one who goes to Harbor Place is taking their life in their hands.

  54. If people were allowed to carry HANDGUNS these punks would think twice. Its better to carry conceal gun without a license than to buried by six. When law abiding citizens start gunning down these thugs the crime will drop.

  55. David Birch says:

    When put in a perspective of population, Baltimore has a higher murder rate than Chicago. By the way, did anyone see a description of these “teens” in either articles published by the CBS Baltimore? How am I to be aware of my surrounding if I don’t know what to watch for?

    1. jnsesq says:

      You know EGG-ZACTLY what to watch for, Dave. 😉

  56. Kelly Laraia says:

    Haven’t been to the Inner Harbor (Harborplace) in ten years. Not going back. I value my life. The punks and liberal democrats ruined a nice place.

  57. jnsesq says:

    Da bruthas jes be doin dey thang yo.

  58. We visited Baltimore about 4 years ago at this time of year and stayed at a hotel at the Inner Harbor. As we were going to leave for dinner after we’d just arrived, the male desk clerk at the hotel provided us with a tip to not turn left when we walked out of the hotel, as “it wasn’t the best neighborhood out there” and we took his advice and had a nice dinner down at the harbor. The very next morning as we were on our way out for a day of sightseeing, the desk clerk who was now a woman, asked us our plans. She then asked if I had small bills in my wallet that I could take out and place in my two front pockets to use as “drop money” in case we “ran into the wrong people” out there. She said just reach onto your pocket and throw the money down and run while the crooks scooped up the dropped cash. I didn’t anything smaller that a $5, so she broke a $20 and gave us $20 singles. We saw several groups of 5-8 black males milling around, swearing, and pushing into people walking on the sidewalk, and not a cop in sight.
    After that visit, we decided never to return to Baltimore again.

  59. Liberals love their criminals.

  60. If the government is impotent, and will not protect the population, then tell me again what is wrong with vigilantes?

  61. JoJo Wasaman says:

    Call it what it is you white and black liberal cowards. IT”S A HATE CRIME. Every urban sub-primate that attacked was black and every victim was white. IT”S A HATE CRIME. IT”S A HATE CRIME. IT”S A HATE CRIME. IT”S A HATE CRIME. IT”S A HATE CRIME.

  62. Aint it just wonderful living in the world with black and brown savages running wild all over the place!

  63. Harm City. Used to be Charm City. Baltimore has steadily deteriorated since Mayor Schaefer left. My wife and I used to visit the Inner Harbor every month for years after it was built and eat in one of the restaurants in the two pavilions. That stopped in the late 1990s after we were repeatedly accosted by panhandlers right out in the open on the plaza by the water. Went back in August this year one Tuesday morning but the place was mostly deserted except for raggedy looking street bums wandering around giving us furtive looks. Thankfully a few bicycle mounted security guards were maintaining a visible presence. Not going back until I read about major improvements. Baltimore Leadership (or what’s posing as Leadership) have abdicated their control of the streets to the drug criminals. I believe that began during Mayor Curt Schmoke’s tenure, and has continued with every successive administration.

  64. Troy Dynes says:

    obamaroids done gone wild.

  65. John Crane says:

    These are the good for nothing street thugs all those NFL players are taking a knee for (they are also taking a knee against those whose job it is to deal with them). If any event in town should be boycotted, it’s a Ravens game. Why patronizing a league that is too weak to stand up to those who disrespect law enforcement?

  66. Chris Appel says:

    Obama legacy BLM!! Right? Never address the real issues of fatherless households and no responsibility!

  67. ploome says:

    someone call black lives matter

  68. violent garbage..a ccw situation if ever there was one. and…BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE? DEMS DON’T CARE. WE JUST NEED YOUR VOTE EVERY 4 YEARS.

  69. irishsavant says:

    Ah, those raceless ‘teens’. Always wondered who they were. Maybe Amish?

  70. Sam Hensley says:

    North American Pavement Ape.

  71. Frank Muller says:

    Teens is code word for, well, you know… MSM you’re not fooling anyone at this point.

  72. Henry Zee says:

    “Police say the Inner Harbor is already flooded with cops on a daily basis, but they can’t have officers on every corner.”

    I rest my case for the need and desirability to permit civilian concealed carry licenses. Cops just can’t be everywhere. Duh.

    What a pity that the people of Baltimore/Maryland are too stupid to understand that. Duh, again.

    Thank God that I live out in the so-called “Wild West!”

  73. Steve Hansen says:

    Hey Inner Harbor cops, how about focusing on groups of teens that are causing problems. Maybe they’ll even have a “stack” for you to steal.

  74. Tod Perry says:

    You notice the avoid the race when the attackers are BLACK like in this attack but will report it when they are white!

  75. Do you really want to solve the problem of rampant crime in the big cities? I have a solution. Abolish all forms of “government” and all of their “social programs”, federal, state, county and municipal. Disband all the institutionalized law enforcement agencies and arm the citizenry to the hilt. (Hint: we already are) No cops. No courts. No prisons. Just armed citizens bent on instant justice. The bloodbath would last perhaps a scant two or three years. Those willing to live peacefully by supporting themselves by their own labor will be fully welcomed into a newly emerging society based on the principles of mutual consent and nonaggression. The unwilling will be simply hunted down and killed. Think about it!

  76. The constant use of “TEENS” when describing the perps, as opposed to “black teens” or “white teens” makes is very difficult to do a historical Lexus Nexus on “black teens” or “white teens” or “orange teens” difficult in order to find all instances of these types of occurrences. Simple as that.

  77. Smith Sjohn says:

    Shoot to kill every threat

  78. Jack Foobar says:

    “TEENS”… Enough with your cultural marxist censorship. They’re n|glets. We all know they’re n|glets. Perhaps consider doing your F’ing jobs as “journalists” so people don’t die. Is that too much to ask?

    We already know why the police aren’t there. Because you’re all a bunch of primates electing more primate Mayors to office screaming ‘F$@% The Police’ every chance they get. Stupid bush b|tches…

    ‘Why am I dying? Oooo… How can this happen when I keep voting for more Democrat slavers.. Oooo.. it makes no sense.. ‘ STFU you imbeciles. You earned it. Welcome back to Africa. The machetes aren’t far behind.

  79. GTR (Guess The Race)

    We all knew before we even looked

  80. Just another major metropolitan city that has been under the rule of liberal Democrats. Baltimore joining the ranks of L.A., Chicago, Detroit, DC.

    Wherever Democrats roost, the nest becomes fouled.

  81. Bob Johnson says:

    The ferals are going to get what’s coming to them when the mess with the wrong person and get blown away.

  82. Gees.. another black eye for the WASP crowd.. Damn white kids have got to be stopped… oh, they didnt say what ethic background they were??? I’m such a racist..

  83. Relax people, it’s OK, the thugs are black so it’s no big deal. On the other hand the “victims” should ask themselves “What did I do to cause these young black men to be so angry.” White people owe everything they have to the black thug. Educated and law abiding blacks also deserve abuse because they’re acting white and making the thugs look bad. Don’t even get me started on those overachieving Asians. This it true because I’ve learned it watching CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC all the time.

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