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Beautiful today, and tomorrow with highs in the mid 70’s!! Our weather is no tougher than that today. So let’s talk about how weather , the World Series winner, and you have something in common. It is a good story.

Back in the 60’s when Houston was awarded an expansion franchise by Major League Baseball the name of the team was the “Houston Colt 45’s.” Named after the “gun that tamed the West!” The team played in an outdoor stadium and in the Summer months was miserable to attend. Houston has heat, and humidity that makes a Maryland summer seem gentle.

Now enter the President of the United states Lyndon Johnson. He used his political clout to make Houston the home of the manned spaceflight program. Mission Control if you will. The team renamed themselves the “Astronauts.” The “Astro’s.”  And a state of the art facility was built for the team and fans.

It was the first domed stadium and it was called the “Astrodome.” Initially the roof was clear to let in sunlight to give grass what it needs to grow. But the glare, and other factors, led to the roof being colored in. Grass need sunlight. Goodbye grass, and hello “Astro-Turf.”

Yep that carpet we have all seen, played on, or walked on,  was the result of a baseball team building a facility so the team, and fans, could enjoy playing the game in that coastal town. So when you see shots of the “Astro’s” celebrating their win in the World Series you, indeed, have something in common with them, and their teams history. And weather was the reason.

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