BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Newly released 911 calls reveal the harrowing moments as a small plane carrying three people made an emergency crash landing near a busy Annapolis highway.

A mixture of shock and awe can be heard on the calls.

Amazingly, the pilot and his two sons survived the crash unharmed.

The chaotic scene unfolded in the heart of rush hour traffic on November 10.

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Chopper 13 was over the small single engine plane carrying pilot, Christopher Curry, and his 2 sons after he was forced to make an emergency crash landing near a busy ramp on eastbound Route 50 in Anne Arundel County.

The 911 calls made after this plane crash were released on Monday, and you can hear as one traffic control station caught a glimpse of the plane as it was headed for trouble.

“Some kind of emergency situation, so I want to try and get somebody rolling out there just in case this guy doesn’t make it to the field…He’s dropping out of my radar covered, so I’m wondering if he’s not going to make it to the airport,” an air traffic control can be heard saying.

According to authorities, Curry was attempting to fly back to a nearby airport in the region, but reported seeing smoke coming from his engine compartment, shortly thereafter, he started losing power.

“A plane came down really, really, like low to the ground,” one caller reported.

Curry was somehow able to avoid traffic, and crashed into a light pole and guardrail.

One caller appeared to be close to scene after it all went down.

[Caller] “We just had a small silver aircraft impact the ground.”
[Dispatch] “Okay. Are you near it?”
[Caller] “We’re standing back. There’s currently no fire, but there’s fuel leaking.”
[Dispatch] “Okay. Are you anywhere near it that you can check on the people at all?”
[Caller] “They are out, and they are okay.”
[dispatch] “Okay. How many people are, came out of the plane?”
[Caller] “There were three people. All the people are out of the plane.”

At the time of the crash, WJZ spoke with people who were stunned after seeing evidence of the crash.

“A lot of times, these things are resulting in death, and just looking at the plane and the damage to that plane, it kind of indicates they’re very fortunate,” the witness said.

And an experience those who witnessed it clearly won’t soon forget.

[Caller] “97 southbound and the Route 50 eastbound, right at the ramp. A plane just crashed onto the road.”
[Dispatch] “Okay. Did it crash or did it land?”
[Caller] “It crashed. I don’t think it hit a car. It is kinda off of the roadway, into the woods.”

The FAA and NTSB were called in to determine the official cause of the crash.

Police at the scene at the time of the crash said they would not speculate on the cause of the crash.

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