BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police say there is no conspiracy in the death of a Baltimore Police Department detective last week, and he was fatally shot with his own gun following a struggle with the suspect.

One week after detective Sean Suiter’s murder, the Baltimore Police Department held a press conference Wednesday evening to update the public on their investigation into his murder.

Baltimore PD Commissioner Kevin Davis said Suiter was set to give testimony in a federal grand jury case as part of an incident that took place years ago. This involved Baltimore PD officers who were federally indicted earlier this year.

Davis has been told that Suiter was not the target of any ongoing criminal investigation, and there is no information that indicates Suiter was “anything other than a stellar detective, great friend, loving husband, and dedicated father.”

Police say they have evidence of a struggle between Suiter and his killer, and that Suiter was killed with his own gun.

Davis also said that the evidence shows Suiter’s partner took cover across the street and immediately called 911. This was caught on private surveillance video that has been recovered, according to Davis.

“There is a radio transmission, a very brief radio transmission made by detective Suiter, it was about two or three seconds, it’s unintelligible right now, we don’t know exactly what he said, but he was clearly in distress,” Davis said.

The Baltimore Police Department and FBI evidence shows that Suiter was killed after a “spontaneous” observation of a man acting suspiciously, Davis said.

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Police have said Suiter was shot at close range while investigating a triple homicide in west Baltimore.

Davis said the acting U.S. attorney said the absence of Detective Suiter’s testimony will not affect the federal racketeering case against the officers who were indicted.

A fundraiser for Suiter’s family has now raised more than $40,000, and Suiter’s funeral will happen next week.

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Comments (6)
  1. Helen Thomas says:

    No conspiracy? Does anyone think this police department would admit it if there WAS one?

  2. Gary Wilson says:

    The detective had a lousy Battle Buddy (his partner who didn’t overwatch him and cover his back).

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