Hi Everyone!

And how is your “food hangover” going this day? Wow, I mean just WOW! Seems like. almost, everyone I spoke with yesterday had a fine holiday meal, and simply over did it. Well good. Why not. Ask any “gym rat” and they will tell you a “cheat day”, (a day where you just don’t care what you eat), is good for the soul.  And the weather was conducive to just sit and hang. Weather wise, stress free.

Now a pretty good push of mild air becomes our headline. if you have off today and want to go out and join the shopping crowds have at it. We will be 10 degrees warmer today than yesterday and tomorrow even warmer. SWEET!  AND as we discussed yesterday there is no large scale weather headed our way over the five day forecast.

Think this one out. Today is the last Friday of November. I mean, legit, where’d this month go? This time next week it will be the first day of December. There is some social media discussion of a big weather event this time next week. Sorry to say right now that looks like “internet nonsense.”  Matter of fact this is the guidance I received this morning from our weather partners at Accu-Weather;

” The last few days of November will lack and “significant storms” in the eastern U.S., and we’ll have to see just what a shortwave trough emerging in the nation’s heartland next week might bring to the East Coast in the next 6-7 days. if this feature were to move in a progressive manner it would have a difficult time being able to tap into any moisture from the Gulf of Mexico…” In other words “ain’t no thing.”

I am not trying to be the Grinch that stole the snow storm but you really have to be a wise, weather, consumer in these days of social media hoaxing. We’ll keep our eye on it for you.

Enjoy the first holiday weekend of the season. Have fun, and be safe!

T.G.I.F.,..ain’t it the truth!


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