BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Questions are swirling around the murder of Baltimore homicide detective Sean Suiter, with some calling for an independent investigation.

Suiter was shot in the head at close range with his own service weapon following a struggle, police say. He was killed on November 15, as he and his partner were looking for clues in a triple murder case.

It’s rare for the murder of an officer to go unsolved for so long.

After Commissioner Kevin Davis revealed Suiter was murdered the day before his scheduled grand jury testimony in a federal police corruption case, some have called for an independent investigation into the killing.

Davis insists there are no known ties between the testimony and the murder, and the police department has given no indication the agency plans to relinquish its role as lead investigator.

Almost two weeks since the murder of Suiter, and there’s still no named suspect in the case, despite an unprecedented $215,000 reward.

Some are calling for the FBI to take over the investigation. That agency is enhancing what may be Suiter’s final radio transmission.

Commissioner Kevin Davis says Suiter was killed with his own weapon one day before his scheduled testimony in front of a federal grand jury in a police corruption case.

In that investigation, eight members of a rogue gun unit are accused of stealing from citizens and planting drug evidence.

Federal prosecutors have reopened a 7-year-old case involving Suiter and the head of that corrupt unit, Wayne Jenkins.

A suspect fled from police in a car that crashed and killed an elderly man, and injured his wife. WJZ covered that case back when it happened in 2010.

Commissioner Davis said last week that Suiter was a good cop, not the target of any investigation.

“There is no information that has been communicated to me that detective Suiter was anything other than a stellar detective, great friend, loving husband, and dedicated father,” Davis said.

Davis also rejected rumors that Suiter’s partner was in any way involved, adding that Sutier’s partner was seen on surveillance video across the street taking cover from the gunfire. The partner then used a cell phone to call for help.

Detective Suiter was killed with his own service weapon, which was the only weapon recovered at the scene. Police say he was clutching his radio after being shot, even though there were signs of a struggle for the gun evident on his clothes.

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