By Kimberly Eiten

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The final three Baltimore Police Department officers fighting federal charges for robbing suspects sat in court Tuesday afternoon.

Attorneys argued evidence, testimony, and other motions ahead of their joint trial.

The officers were at the defense table, while their families were also in federal court for the hearing. Afterwards, the father of the accused ringleader told WJZ’s Kimberly Eiten that he believes his son is a good cop.

They were once boys in blue, but are now federal prisoners in orange and striped jumpsuits.

Three Baltimore police officers sat silently in federal court Tuesday afternoon, as their lawyers scrapped over what will become evidence in their upcoming case.

Their lawyers also asked for the other side to name the witnesses who will testify against them.

Government attorneys told the court, “Witnesses are very fearful in this case that they’ll be testifying against police officers.”

In an all too real-life version of cops and robbers , prosecutors say they were both.

Members of the once elite gun task force, a division brought to its knees after its members allegedly went rogue.

Accused of wielding their badges and police power to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from suspects, as well as pocket unearned overtime from their own department.

By crossing to the other side of the law, the city’s Public Defender’s Office says they compromised the more than 2,000 cases they touched.

Now, the officers are weeks away from a verdict in their own case.

The officers are scheduled for trial next month.

The five other members of the gun task force who were arrested have already pleaded guilty. None have been sentenced yet.

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