Hi Everyone!

Thursday December 21st at 11:27 A.M. Winter begins. I point this out as I stand here in the “Weather Center” reporting on another mild morning, and what will be a super afternoon with Sun and a high of 59°! But check this out; Today’s high temperature is 72° in 2006. Point is mild temps this time of the year are not uncommon. To be honest our weather does not usually go “South” until the early days of January. Let’s not over think this but rather enjoy, and deal with what’s to come when it does.

A dip in temps the next two day’s then another warm up. But this one will come with some light rain, at times, on Saturday and maybe Sunday. This leads us to a discussion, on this blog, that I have been discussing in person to folks over the past few days. It is a yearly discussion that amps up this time of the year every year. “What’s the weather going to be on Christmas?” Let’s have at it.

Our weather partners at Accu-Weather, in my discussions with them this morning sent the following;

“Christmas Day is STILL our biggest head-scratcher. We’ve favored the more consistent European model while the G.F.S. solutions have been more erratic.” (The GFS is the Global model run by our National Weather Service.) “Of course those who are hoping for a White Christmas, (especially inland), are hanging their hopes on the colder looking G.F.S….Right now it is just too soon to be confident where a trough of low pressure will be setting up early next week. …If the axis is EAST of the Appalachians, then there could be some snow early next week.  But if that trough axis is located WEST of the Appalachians next Monday, (Christmas Day), the holiday will prob dry with temps no lower than 50 or 52.”

So there you have the OFFICIAL discussion. Whether you are hoping for a white Christmas or not the bottom line is the jury is still out.

Enjoy this day’s beautiful weather in the meantime!


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