BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Baltimore City has passed the 300-homicide mark for the third year in a row, from 2015-2017, and business owners are taking matters into their own hands.

Business owners in Fells Point say the crime is out of control and is scaring customers away, so they’ve hired private security officers to patrol the streets.

Last year, 343 people were murder in the city. The violent spike in crime also found its way to the downtown and Inner Harbor areas.

The small business community has vowed to stop the bloodshed and keep residents and visitors safe. The Downtown Partnership shelled out a staggering $30,000 during the holiday season for extra security.

The money came from business owners and retailers who paid for more than a dozen private officers, who roamed downtown Baltimore for about two weeks, including the Inner Harbor for the New Year’s fireworks show.

“I don’t feel safe. I feel like they need to do more,” Brittney Johnson said.

Uniformed guides and security officers have been on guard, while maintenance crews have been tending to the district.

“It is the way we need to move forward for ourselves and for our businesses, because we can’t keep going the same direction that we’re going and not getting results,” said Points South Baltimore owner Bryson Keens.

Zelda Zen owner Beth said as the murder rate climbs, sales drop.

“The customers are not coming downtown,” Beth said.

The hired personnel have been also walking employees to their cars at night.

Some of the guards are armed, according to officials. The Downtown Partnership said they have ended the holiday security program but it will resume later in January.

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Comments (60)
  1. The left’s favorite people will chase away all business and they will blame it on whites being racists. The apologists will never admit the facts because it will defeat their fake narratives and end their power.

  2. Wherever you have Africans you have Africa. These primitive creatures are incompatible with modern civilization.

    1. You should get your facts straight before you spew your racism. My guess is that you have never traveled to Africa. The Baltimore murder rate is twice that of Johannesburg, Africa’s most dangerous city. African cities, by and large, are clean and safe. 41 of the 50 countries with the highest murder rates are in Latin America, not Africa. The problem is Democratic policies, not skin color.

      1. It appears that you’ve only seen a very small part of Africa and that you stuck to the white neighborhood. I lived in Africa, and it is most certainly NOT the clean, safe place you describe. Unless, of course, you live behind razor wire with paid, armed security in a gated community. Even then very bad things happen with alarming frequency!

      2. Crime rates tend to be dependent on reporting behavior. It isn’t standard across all countries. You need outside groups like the Institute for Economics and Peace. They do an index that rates the most dangerous countries on earth. 5 of the top 10 most dangerous are African and 21 of the 50 most dangerous are in Africa. Africa is hardly some utopia

    2. While the racism of Mr. Marshall’s comment is indefensible, the observation that we are headed towards third world levels of crime and violence is hard to deny. I haven’t been to Africa, but I’ve been to many other third world countries, and it is common place for those who have any amount of property or wealth to be targeted for theft and kidnapping. The police of these places are often underpaid and thus easily corrupted or unavailable. Private security is employed, but not without pitfalls. Statistics on the problem are unreliable because the governments don’t want to be embarrassed and the public stops reporting crimes that they know won’t be investigated. You can cry “racism” all you want, but anyone who knows Baltimore knows that the danger level has increased over the years due to the sympathy that the city government has towards mainly black criminality. It’s not to say that blacks aren’t crime victims, but there are no roving gangs of whites terrorizing black passersby; the reverse is the reality.

      1. Tom Menino says:

        Violence is allowed and even endorsed by the mayor on TV during Baltimore riots a few years ago; violence continues; law-abiding people of all colors flee the city (if the can afford to) or barricade themselves (if they cannot afford to); the thugs of all colors take over the streets; cycle continues until the city becomes, well, Detroit. Welcome to Mogadishu, Maryland.

  3. What are these security forces allowed to do?
    How far can they go in order to keep the peace and make the area safe?
    Are they allowed to “fight fire with fire”?
    …to “return force in kind”?

    The only way to stop crime is to eliminate criminals.
    There’s only one way to eliminate criminals – and that’s NOT sending them to jail.
    Jail is the best “institution of higher ciminal learning” known to man.

  4. Welcome to the future. Liberal mayors and city councils not only do not care about crime, they reward it. They hamstring and handcuff good cops and let the crooked cops run free. Private police is the future.

  5. Fred Doe says:

    It seems you have these problems in triplicate anywhere that the dems are in charges. You would think that that fact would tell even the below average in intelligence that there is a cause and effect.

  6. Hank Litner says:

    We live just south of Harrisburg and used to enjoy regular trips to Baltimore to enjoy the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, and some of the cities excellent restaurants. But once a city stops supporting their police…its just an open invitation to lawless and violent behavior, Accordingly, we no longer come into Baltimore City and have no plans to do so in the future. It is a shame that your city has destroyed the legacy of Mayor Schaefer. We salute your Police (and all police) and understand that they can no longer enforce the law or maintain peace when the community does not have their backs.

  7. Should have picked our own cotton.

    1. Mark Mach says:

      General Jackson was above comments like that. He would not be happy with the situation and might have responded with force but not with comments like that.

      1. John McAdams says:

        The irony of that statement is that it was racist in intent, but perfectly politically correct in substance. Would it not be better if the slave trade had never happened? But you are correct to challenge the intent.

  8. Margie James says:

    Democrats own Baltimore and this is how they treat their people?

    1. Need I remind you that a sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Electing Democrats over and over will give you Detroit, Newark NJ, Baltimore ad infinitum.

  9. Does anyone in the media care about CORRECT SPELLING and Punctuation? Your city elects Democrats, Democrats suck and only care about exploiting their IGNORANT electorate. You are getting everything your UGLY, CRIME ridden cesspool deserves

  10. Ain’t diversity wonderful. Welcome to the third world?!!

  11. Paul King says:

    Baltimore is now 62% black.

  12. Bob Johnson says:

    Maybe if your AG were to impetuously blame a bunch of Police Officers for crimes they didn’t commit, that would make your city a better place?

  13. Clegg Jensen says:

    Obviously, there is an undiscovered Confederate memorial somewhere in Baltimore. As soon as the Confederate memorial is found and destroyed, the murder rate will go to zero.

    1. That’s a good one. I am laughing in Houston

  14. “Some of the guards are armed, according to officials.”
    Only some???? You’d have to have a death wish to be a security guard there and not be armed.

  15. It’s hight time for the Orioles to consider a new ball park. They’ve already held all the fans in the stadium once. I’D NEVER GO TO CAMDEN YARDS!

  16. I have Lord Baltimore in my family tree. What the he.. happened to his namesake city?

  17. Don Rhudy says:

    This is how the breakdown begins. The politicians become outlaws, the police can’t keep up, and the citizens take over. Then it is war between the good and the bad.

  18. Elections have consequences, right Dems?

  19. Baltimore is in desperate need of virtuous leaders: competent; courageous; temperate; and, just. If my hometown can’t muster such leaders, perhaps Annapolis needs to take control of the police department.

  20. Frank Muller says:

    Don’t make the black kids angry by Colin Flaherty

  21. That’s why i never vote Democrat. Everything goes down hill. Democrats stir up hate and crime and then sell themselves to the solution of their mess.

  22. Love this comment, “I don’t feel safe. I feel like they need to do more,” Brittney Johnson said. How about the citizens of the city do something to help. Why is it up to the business owners to keep them all safe?

  23. It’s the usual suspects from the anti-civilization thug culture of violence segment.

  24. John Jupiter says:

    the so called “people” committing these crimes, are all BLACK.

  25. Tanya Martin says:

    Blacks need to live like white people.

  26. Jimmy VA says:

    It is now time for Armed Maryland Citizen Patrols to blanket the Streets of Democratically Controlled Cess Pool, Baltimore. If anything happens to my kid going to school up there. I will sue the pants off of the Liberal Mayor’s office. We have had enough, Liberals. Now, we punch back, hard.

  27. Nothing to see here, just another Democrat run hell hole.

  28. And the Baltimore residents will continue to vote Democratic, and they will blame the Republican party, the NRA, the alt-Right, Bannon, Trump, the KKK, the neo-Nazis, white peepo, Christians, white and black cops, and Uncle Toms for all of Baltimore’s problems and black peepos problems.

    Baltimore residents will continue support the Democrat party because, as LBJ once said, “all those Ns will vote Democratic for the next 200 hundred years.”

    1. Tommy Sirls says:

      Well said! Bravo! “The time will come when telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” Ayn Rand

  29. What a godforsaken hell hole. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m from there. I plan on never going to Baltimore ever again.

  30. Ghetto Democrats won’t allow the election of anyone who would stop all of this violence i.e a Conservative.

  31. Cody Silver says:

    That is what happens when the establishment is against law enforcement!!!

  32. Lilith Whyte says:

    It is a scientific fact that your health is in serious danger when you see a knee grow. Never ignore it and never keep still. Keep it moving or it will certainly cripple you.

  33. Don McCoy says:

    What a (needed?) slap in the face for a police department who has either allowed themselves to be barred from doing their jobs…or has abdicated the responsibility as a result of demoralization (and who could blame them?). Imagine paying your taxes and STILL having to shell out the cash for private protection because the cops you pay have surrendered to the Liberal Progressive anti-police movement? That would be INFURIATING!

    But…that’s life in a city RUN INTO THE GROUND by Democrats….

  34. Anne Tenney says:

    Sorry, this is what Baltimore deserves. You wanted the police to take a hands-off approach. What did you expect to happen? They were repeatedly told to stand down by officials and now you have chaos. This is what happens in Democrat Liberal cities. Look at Chicago, Detroit. Either change your government or accept the status quo.

  35. No sympathy what’s so ever. They declared war on the police and now the criminals rule. They are reaping what they sowed and it is a bitter harvest. I’ve been in Baltimore and it is God awful to say the least. It would be cheaper, and better for the nation, if it was nuked and rebuilt. Just don’t tell the ‘good’ citizens there that that city is going to be nuked as they would leave.

  36. John Oakman says:

    Ain’t Black Beautiful???

  37. In Detroit, stores hire armed, off-duty DPD officers.

  38. “I don’t feel safe. I feel like they need to do more,” Brittney Johnson said. “Like stop and frisk,
    which I am against. And enforcing longer jail terms and stopping early release and parole, which I also oppose. And more cops on the streets, who I hate.”

  39. You are effectively putting out a privatized police force. Where is all your tax money going? Who is leeching up all the funds for the police who are supposed to be doing this? You got some fat cat over paid commisioner making seven figures and taking fact finding trips to Aruba with his 100 man personal staff, private jet, and multiple city vehicle at his disposal?

    Baltimore should seriously deep audit their cities spending and find out EXACTLY where the money is going. Its not getting to the streets where its supposed to go.

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