By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s rare that a multi-million dollar Broadway touring show hinges on the work of a 4-year-old.

Welcome to “Waitress.” Without a cute 4-year-old girl, it may not work.

Here’s the twist, the Baltimore run will have a tiny actress from Baltimore.

“So we’re looking for kids that are naturally energetic,” said someone familiar with the hiring process.

In mid-December, 50 auditioned, and the two picked were Kori Mitchell and Tempi Oppel.

Both of the moms, Kristen and Tammi, got the idea from friends.

“A couple of people had posted it on our Facebook pages,” Kristen said.

[Reporter: “Both of your all’s friends lassoed you into this, they saw something in those children?”]

“Yep,” Tammi said.

Well, if you see them, it’s clear why. They couldn’t be much cuter. And did we mention pie?

Pie is part of the show.

“You have this pie,” Kori said.

And kids like pie.

These girls both come from theatrical families.

“This is actually going to be the fifth show she’s going to be in,” Tammi said.

“She normally is very much the performer, and her father is the theatre director at Friends, and she loves being on stage,” Kristen said.

Soon, these pee-wees will begin rehearsals. They’ll split the role and each will work four of the performances.

“There’s a pie right there,” Kori said.

Clearly the hardest part of this gig is dealing with the media.

“Mom I can’t do this,” Kori said.

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  1. Fuzz Roark says:

    just a note – the label cralwer for the parents – is reversed. The first parent (R) is Tammi Oppel.

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