BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The federal government has resumed accepting applications for DACA recipients, but a deal to protect them is now on life-support.

Some 800,000 children brought to the country illegally are once again able to stay in the country after a federal judge’s ruling.

Their future is now tied to a heated showdown in Congress that could shut down the government.

Democrats want any budget deal to include protections for the so-called “dreamers,” but one Maryland Republican says with the judge’s ruling, there’s no longer a reason why Democrats shouldn’t vote for a budget and comprehensive immigration reform later.

Over the weekend, a federal judge re-instated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act, or DACA.

The act restores an executive order from President Obama to protect 800,000 children brought to the country illegally.

9,000 so-called “dreamers” live here in Maryland.

“and we have to get a deal done on DACA,” said Senator Chris Van Hollen (D).

Further protections are now tied to a senate showdown.

Democrats want any budget deal to avoid a government shutdown to include protections for “dreamers.”

Before the ruling, President Trump tweeted “DACA is probably dead, because Democrats” don’t really want it.

Others believe the President’s latest reported comments could shut the door.

“The President’s repulsive, racist comments the other day suggests that he is more interested in shutting down than resolving this issue,” Van Hollen said.

A recent CBS News poll found 70-percent of Americans support allowing “dreamers,” to stay in the country.

“Everybody agrees we’re going to have to do something with these 800,000 individuals who have been given a temporary status up until now,” said Rep. Andy Harris (R).

Several bi-partisan bills in the House and Senate have been proposed to find a solution, including ending the visa lottery, chain migration, and stronger employer checks.

But with the temporary protections reinforced, some Republicans believe there’s more time to get a more permanent deal done.

“If the Democrats want to shut the government down over this, when it’s not necessary, that’s their decision,” Harris said.

In the proposed House and Senate immigration bills, DACA protections are only temporary for “dreamers.”

Lawmakers have until March to find a permanent solution.

The Senate will need 60 votes to approve any deal to avoid a shutdown.

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  1. The only compromise at this point. All of the Dreamers can stay BUT they can never vote in ANY election. See how the Dem’s abandons the dreamers then. Face fact. The Dem’s want the vote only. They could care less about the people. Just look at baltimore city government. All these years dem control………look at the mess they created with empty promises and lies. local, State,Fed dem’s are all alike

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