By Joel Furches

In a lot of ways, disposable diapers can seem more practical than cloth diapers. They strap right on and go right in the trash once they are soiled. But there are a lot of reasons to consider switching to cloth diapers. No longer are cloth diapers squares of fabric that have to be pinned on, they have their own straps and waist bands, now, and are surprisingly resilient in the face of big messes. What’s more, you can actually save money over the disposables with a number of local diaper services. Consider the following cloth diaper services for the Baltimore area, which not only provide diapers, but frequently provide for cleanup as well.

Greenspring Diapers
P.O. Box 57
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
(443) 470-9662

Serving the entire Baltimore area, the Greenspring Diaper service works on a pickup/drop off basis. On a designated day each week, you leave your pail of soiled diapers outside your door and the service will pick them up and leave you with a pail of freshly cleaned, soft, sanitized cotton diapers to last a week until the next pickup day. You will work with Greenspring to determine the number and size of diapers you need each week.

3000 Chestnut Ave., Suite #104
Baltimore, MD 21211

ShareBaby is a community service which distributes donations of cloth diapers – among other baby supplies – to local charities in order to provide for the needs of lower income or no income communities. Visit ShareBaby’s diaper drop box page to find a donation box near to you. Donating cloth diapers is possibly one of the best things you can do for the needy, because of the re-usability of the diaper which will help to save costs for impoverished families.

Modern Diaper Service
5318 Eisenhower Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22304
(703) 823-3993

Modern Diaper Service is a laundering and delivery service which provides you with 100% cotton, clean and sanitized diapers. While Modern Diaper Service is technically located in Virginia, right across the state line from Maryland, they service the greater DC/Baltimore area. For a low weekly price, have fresh, clean, antibacterial and moisturized diapers delivered to your door, while the soiled ones are picked up at the same time. The diapers are sized for your child, and include easy strap on and removal for a minimized mess in changing.

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Destination Baby
Ellicott City, MD
(443) 650-8516

Destination Baby is a very helpful service for new mothers in general. It provides all of the services one would want for the childbirth process, which includes physical and emotional support and education on all the necessities of caring for your infant. These services are offered from conception to postpartum.

While Destination Baby doesn’t provide cloth diapers, it does provide a full education on how to select and use cloth diapers, including why you should choose cloth over disposable. So once you have selected your cloth diaper provider – or even prior to doing so – seek council and instruction from Destination Baby so that by the time you are using cloth diapers, you will be a pro.

Abby’s Lane
8870 Rixlew Lane
Manassas, VA 20109
(571) 229-9433

While Abby’s Lane’s warehouse is located just across the MD/VA boarder, it offers a very extensive online store with a number of designer cloth diapers which are functional and also attractive. Select the diapers you like and get free shipping. Or order ahead of time and pick up right at the warehouse in Manassas.

In addition to offering some of the coolest cloth diapers you will ever see, Abby’s Lane has a number of very helpful online tutorials on using your cloth diapers and pampering your baby with the most gentle and functional diapers they could ever use. Abby’s is a good, semi-local resource for your diaper needs, and, with the free shipping or pickup, the cost is no different than a local store, and is as easy and convenient as taking a few minutes to order online.

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