BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An experienced hunter is recovering after a goose that was shot and killed fell from the sky and hit the man in Easton, Maryland.

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The waterfowl hunter found himself in the crosshairs of his harvest on Thursday — knocked out cold by a dead goose falling from the sky.

“These birds weigh anywhere from 10 to probably 14 pounds. They can have a wingspan of up to six feet,” says Candy Thomson, Maryland Natural Resources Police. “So, if they’re 35 yards up in the air,  and they’re falling 60 feet and they hit you in the head, it’s going to definitely cause severe damage.”

Maryland Natural Resources Police say the unpredictable scene played out near the Miles River.

A group of hunters had leased private land and took their shots at a flock of geese before sunset. Robert Meilhammer, 51, was severely injured on his head and face.

As hundreds of thousands of geese migrate back north, hunters have flocked to the Eastern Shore, and while accidents are rare, they’re not unheard of.

“This morning, one of our really senior commanders said “Oh, yes, it doesn’t happen often, but you’re a hunter, you’re concentrating on what you’re shooting at, and you don’t see something until it’s too late,” Thomson said Friday.

Officials say Meilhammer was lucky he wasn’t hunting alone as he was carried to the road by fellow hunters and eventually flown to Shock Trauma in Baltimore.

As of Friday night, Meilhammer was in stable condition and still recovering at Shock Trauma.

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Comments (154)
  1. Lana Jane says:

    So many ugly, liberal comments on here. Many people like my father hunt for food. Chances are, this guy was hunting for that reason. Nobody wants to eat hormone infused meat from the store. I hope this man recovers. What a freak accident.

  2. Gives me Goose bumps just thinking about it

  3. Jinx Fogle says:

    Until you stop eating each and everyone of you are killing something. It just comes down to who kills your food.

  4. Sounds like one of the geese had a heart attack. No stent was available in time.

  5. Doug Day says:

    Back in school we had “Duck Drills”…

  6. I have nothing against hunting, but the biter, bit… amusing.

  7. Anyone says they hunt to eat better be living off the land entirely and 100miles from a supermarket otherwise what you have is someone who gets their rocks off shooting animals. If i can go to the supermarket and have my choice of hormone pumped meat OR grass feed beef then i dont NEED to run out and shoot a cow in the face to eat. Sorry but i dont trust any person who can kill anything for sport, usually means deep down something is seriously wrong!

    1. Don Perry says:

      There is something seriously wrong with people like you who have no understanding whatsoever of the principles of ecology. Hunters serve to replace predators that used to control populations. Of course, we can bring back all those predators and allow them to do their jobs. I’d gladly put a few wolf packs and several mountain lions in your neighborhood. Bet it wouldn’t take long for you to call the police to come kill those dangerous predators, especially after one of your loved ones fell prey. People like you are complete, utter, uneducated morons.

      1. I understand your flawed logic, but I have never seen geese as predatory animals. As far as control of predatory animals in our society, it is primarily the responsibility of local, State and Federal officials. If you want to kill things, I suggest you gain employment with one of those organizations. But I worry about people who want to kill other living beings.

      2. HMichael Hawkins (@HMichaelHawkins) I know that you probably won’t see this as I cannot reply to you directly but you should come out to where I live and see the yards of the people living here that are covered with goose manure and is making people sick. Over population of geese have created many problems like this so the hunters are doing good in this respect. But it’s funny, many of the homeowners are liberal and won’t let the hunters thin the flocks and harvest the meat to be eaten so they poison them themselves or clamor to the county to poison them. Odd how the liberal mind works.

    2. Jack Murphy says:

      So because I can afford to have that grass fed steer killed for me I should not feel a need to go out and kill a goose, deer, rabbit, et at, that I wish to eat?

      Your logic is lost on any sentient being.

    3. You prefer to subcontract your killing. Got it.

  8. Tom Perkins says:

    Other hunter should have yelled, “Fore!”

  9. Bill Battis says:

    “Falled” from the sky? Really….. no such word

  10. Hugh Tjardon says:

    What a violent way to be “goosed”!

  11. This story simply BEGS for puns and remarks! I can put up with and ignore the inevitable self-righteous, holier-than-thou anti-hunters who post on it. Nobody really cares what they have to say.

    1. Well, Bradford, it seems your statement is patently false. You, for one, cared enough to comment in opposition to those of us who find killing for fun (how is that fun?) objectionable.

  12. I live on a flyway, shoot ’em in my back yard…until one fell into my pool…yuk.

  13. Dave Gardner says:

    Sorry I meant to goose.

    I know a bad case of schadenfreude.

  14. did someone shoot it? or did it have a massive heart attack while flying? Who shot it? need more info to complete the story

  15. The last defiance from a Kamikaze goose!

  16. Ron Hamilton says:

    osha will be called in. No Hard Hat

  17. Peter York says:

    what’s good for the goose…

  18. Steven Reiss says:

    Something is fowl here…….

  19. Samuel Green says:

    I wish Dr Walter Palmer’s arrow missed, and Cecil the lion mauled that demented dentist to death.

    1. Yea, because that lion may have one day, saved your life by taking care of an abscess, which could have spread infection to your brain. Stupid, useless dentist, glad he’s gone. Oh, wait, only the strong survive and the lion is gone.

  20. No offense, but do Americans know the difference between a goose and a duck. The hunter shot and killed a duck but a dead goose fell out of the air and hit him on the head.

    1. No offense taken Amanda, but i think you’re off your meds. The word “duck” doesn’t appear anywhere in this article, so why do you think he shot a duck?

  21. good, revenge is sweet! hope he dies…

    1. Feel better now? What about his family that depends on him? Do you care you are wishing death on someone who is doing something you simply disagree with?

  22. Ed Cole says:

    “Sauce for the goose.”

  23. Dwain Meyer says:

    The real news here is 35 yards now equals 60 feet.

  24. Elisi Newell says:

    I am so sad that the goose got shot. Hope the bill TRAUMATIZES him to the point, he will realize “Thou shalt not kill” It doesn’t say what. That goose died a martyr, due to hopefully knocking some common sense into this man. 🙂

    Good things come to those who wait. But some people are so stupid they clearly aren’t paying attention to where they are shooting.

    This is one instance of schadenfreude!

    1. Speaking of paying attention you probably missed the part in the article that indicated that someone else shot and killed the goose. And you speak of the stupidity of others? And since you want to misquote God’s Word let’s apply it to you on all of the things that you have killed. Ants, Crickets, Beetles. To some on this planet those things are food as well. To you they are pests but still God gave them life. In proper context it’s “Thou shalt not murder” but your self-righteous little mind simply can’t comprehend it

  25. Karmic thought….Geese are very loyal. They mate for life and are protective of their partners and offspring. … When a goose’s mate dies, that bird will mourn in seclusion—and some geese spend the rest of their lives as widows or widowers, refusing to mate again. Just saying….

    1. But an adulterous ‘goose’ or one that cheats on it’s mate is OK? I say this as humans are supposed to mate for life and not ‘cleave’ to another. Guess Geese are smarter than humans and that’s why humans kill each other. What’s the bag limit for disloyal geese versus disloyal humans.

  26. One goose hits a hunter in the head and hunters on this page act as if people cheering on the goose are libs who hate guns. I’m a lib. I have guns. I don’t mind hunting for food but most hunters hunt because they like to kill things. We had a woman on Eastern shore ban us from hunting on her property because one of the hunters, a big Trump supporter, by the way, shot her German Sheperd and tossed it in her pond. Don’t try to tell me about the holiness of hunters. I’ve seen them shoot deer out of season many times. I knew an electrician who shot them and let them rot on the ground. Enough politically correct BS from “conservatives”.