BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Well here comes some more VERY problematic weather. To my count the third encounter with icy conditions this season. Of course what we are talking about is a tomorrow episode, not today.

This afternoon there are no issues. Clouds and sun with a seasonal high of 42°. Easy Pezzy.

But with temps falling to 26° overnight, and moisture coming in after 3 A.M., a wintery mix will begin. Light wet snow, some sleet, and of the most concern, some freezing rain.

Let me paint a picture for ya. Think back on how it looked and felt Super Bowl Sunday, and how slick it was yesterday morning. Now amp that up just a tad.

The outlook has a definite changeover to rain. MY question is when will that occur? In the forecast that should be by lunch but I have been doing this WAY too long to easily buy into it.

Many times we see cold air dam up against the mountains to our West. When that occurs warm air takes longer to displace that cold air. The longer that takes, the bigger the problems become. Again, that scenario is not guaranteed to happen. Personally I hope it does not. But can it occur? Yes.

Beyond that, another chilly night, and windy conditions, but sunny, on Thursday. And milder beyond. Let’s get through tomorrow and then get into our weekend discussion. Today’s plate is full enough in the short term.


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