BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City leaders rallied in front of Baltimore City Hall Wednesday to speak out against President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan and privatization of city water.

Baltimore leaders are pushing back against the president’s new infrastructure plan, calling it a scam.

Released Monday, the proposal includes funding for reworking airports, rebuilding crumbling roads and bridges.

Of the $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan, only $200 billion would come from the federal government. Most of the bill would be state and local governments.

City Council President Jack Young and Councilman Zeke Cohen spoke at the rally.

“A poor city like Baltimore cannot afford that. You hear our people screaming about the high cost of water bills. We have one of the oldest systems in the country. And every time we fix the system, we have to raise rates,” Councilman Young said.

Trump’s plan would also encourage private companies to take over city water systems.

“Washington will no longer be a road block to progress. Washington will now be your partner, we’ll be your partner,” President Trump said previously.

“It’s how this president operates,” Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott said.

Baltimore advocates see that glass half empty. They say city water bills would skyrocket at Wall Street’s gain.

“We will not allow private equity firms to profiteer off of misery. We will rebuild ourselves. Baltimore is not for sale,” Councilman Cohen said. “In the richest state, in the richest country on Earth, we shouldn’t have to live like this. The truth is, the federal government left cities like Baltimore behind a long time ago.”

Recently, two companies have put in their bids to Baltimore City Council to privatize the City’s water through a 50-year-lease.

President Jack Young says it won’t happen on his watch.

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