BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Presidents Day 2018. I was just reading an interesting article from Time Magazine, online, about the least recognized Presidents. They showed pictures of past leaders to folks and said who is this? Only 6.8% of those asked knew who Chester A. Arthur was. It moves into the 7.1% range for Franklin Pearce, and Millard Fillmore.

“Time” determined that if no BIG event happens during your tenure in the White House you will slip through the cracks; and these three from the mid-19th century, apparently, did.

Weather can be the same. We remember big hurricane years. We remember the “Superstorm Sandy’s”. But do you remember the run of kind weather we had last February? You may remember it for lack of excitement not necessarily because of a stretch of gray and mild.

Personally, I would rather not have to remember back to harsh conditions. And such is the weather we will see this week.

Warm, kind of gray, and some showers around. Warm I do tend to remember. But a blizzard I will never forget. A big difference.

So while we may forget about the details of this warm week, all things considered, I will take the lack of excitement!


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