BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A bit gray today, and this early morning we have already hit our daytime high. Through this Thursday temperatures will gently fall from the mid 50’s as of this writing, to the mid-upper 40’s at dinner. A change from yesterday’s sunny skies and 79° at BWI-Marshall, and 83° at the Science Center.

We have a cold front coming through this day, and behind it tomorrow will be 30+ degrees chillier than yesterday, but that “punch” takes us back to a normal reading  of 48°. But that is a heck of a cold front. Imagine if it was 35° yesterday it would be close to ZERO tomorrow. But it’s not, nor will it be.

The reality is mild weather continues as temperatures rise through the weekend. And into mid-week next week, temperature projections show cold is still suppressed north of the Great Lakes.

Today’s records are interesting and show the volatility of these February days. The record high is 74° set in 1874. The record low is 7° set in 1963.

Yesterday I was walking the dog, and on the West facing side of the trail I was on there were dozens and dozens of little white flowers starting to come out. And I even saw some Onion Grass popping up. The change to Spring had begun. In the late Summer, a few weeks before Fall you begin to see some trees dropping their leaves, and this is just the seasonal opposite.

Bring it Mother Nature, you are doing right by your kids recently!!


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