By George Solis

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hundreds of immigrants and advocates gathered in Annapolis Monday night to push for more protections for undocumented people living in Maryland.

An enthusiastic and energetic display of pride played out in front of the State House as crowds descended on Lawyers Mall for Immigrant Action Night.

“We are here to make our voices heard and tell the elected officials that they need to protect the rights of immigrants in this state,” said Fernanda Durand of CASA in Action.

Supporters met face-to-face with lawmakers to discuss a host of issues, such as strengthening the state’s Dream Act and protecting immigrant drivers.

a law that if passed would restrict federal immigration authorities from accessing records from the motor vehicle administration unless they obtain a warrant.

“This is going to give them protection and this is going to make immigrants across the state feel a lot safer,” Durand said.

The rally came on the heels of a major blow to the Trump administration.

Earlier in the day, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a request by the administration to hear their appeal of a lower court’s ruling that keeps the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, going.

Word of the Supreme Court’s decision also reached Annapolis during the event.

“It’s allowing the Dreamers that can still renew their DACA to renew it, while we still have this open window because anything could change,” said DACA recipient Jesus Perez.

DACA was slated to end in early March.

President Donald Trump has said he’d like to help with the program but also wants changes to immigration law and tighter border security as part of a deal.

“Democrats are being totally unresponsive. They don’t want to do anything about DACA. I’m telling you, and it’s very possible DACA won’t happen,” Trump said.

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  1. Nothing has done more to diminish the quality of life for the United States middle class through higher housing (land) costs, competition for jobs, low wages, greater poverty, mortgage fraud, medicare fraud, crime, disease, cost of public schools, degradation of the military, cost of college, depletion of resources, burden on the taxpayer and overall congestion than the INCREASE of and change in the nature (more poor, more criminals, e pluribus multum) of the POPULATION since 1965, driven almost entirely by 20th century immigration (immigrants, h1b visa holders, visa overstays, refugees, etc) their families and descendants.

    Because we are overpopulated, millions of young people graduating this year will never be able to buy a home in the town where they were born. What sort of person wishes for that?

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