By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ever heard someone say be thankful for what you have, or “stop and smell the roses?”  I am sure you have. And you are going to hear it again now. Sunny and 58° today.

ENJOY IT because a big slug of rain is headed our way. Windswept rain to be more accurate. Add to that winds, coming in off of the ocean and the Bay, a full moon, plus higher than normal high tides, and you could see flooding along the Western Shore.

Temperatures will be between 45 and 51 degrees so it will feel, without sun, chilly and raw.

Stop and smell the roses. Today and most of tomorrow will be generally sunny, and calm.

On a more uplifting and positive note we are not getting snow, and cold temps that could turn wet roads into ice are not part of the equation. And that is a bigger deal than one line gives justice to.

So it is a good news/bad news thing and it’s not really all BAD news. After all, we are coming up on Spring, and that water in the ground is a beautiful thing for wells, irrigation, and the planting season itself.

It looks like we will have a lot of Roses to smell soon enough.


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