By: Karin Brown

The Houston Rockets took on the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center on Wednesday.

A little over a minute before the end of the first quarter, James Harden made a crossover that would be the talk of the entire game.

From just outside the three-point line, Harden did a left-to-right crossover, and then hopped back – breaking Wesley Johnson’s ankles and leaving him on the floor.

Harden then takes a pause,  slightly chuckles, and makes a three-point shot that put the Rockets up 31-7.

In true social media fashion, it took no time for the video to circulate and memes to go viral.


According to Harden, he’s been “in his bag all year.”


The Rockets took home the W on Wednesday night, with a final score of 105-92.


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